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Friday, 23 December 2011

Today's non-existent show 23/11/12

Well, this is easy. I can update my blog without having to wait for the JV Show web page to be updated!

Here is a story that JV would never discuss in a million years, and from his favourite paper too:

A taste for champers! Cuts-hit BBC ran up a £366,000 bill on alcohol in five years
BBC executives were last night accused of ‘living it up on the licence fee’ after it emerged that the Corporation has spent £366,000 on alcohol in the past five years.
Between 2007 and November this year, the BBC ordered more than 41,000 bottles of wine, nearly 9,000 bottles of champagne or sparkling wine and almost 85,000 bottles of beer.
On one occasion, BBC staff splashed out £200 on a single bottle of premium champagne: Krug Vintage 1995.

Good to see that our Licence Fee money is being put to good use!

JV is replaced today by Jon Holmes and Miranda Hart for "... a lively, warm and funny show with special celebrity guests and lots of chat with the listeners". It was back in October that this pair stood in for Chris Evans on the breakfast show, prompting so many complaints that the BBC had to publish a justification (not an apology) for their appearance (
). These responses are quite rare with only a handful being published each month for the whole of the BBC, so I can only assume that the complaints were numerous. It said: BBC Radio 2 appreciates if their presentation wasn't to everyone's liking, but feels it's important to be able to bring new talent to its output and hopes its audience understands the importance of maintaining a breadth of content on the network. So, even though R2 know this combination was not popular they are bringing them back. Thank goodness for 6 Music!
Have a great Christmas!


gill kerry said...

Just caught a listen to JH/MH whilst tuning into 6music and its truly dreadful. My sky strapline says its a lively, warm and funny programme. Trades description act there, I feel.
Anyway, have a good chrismas and new year, and I look forward to your ramblings in 2012.

Stonyground said...

I find those figures about the BBC spending the licence fee on booze pretty shocking. I suppose this is what comes of funding your organisation using a protection racket, no accountability.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year, see you in 2012.

Will said...

'Talent'-Trades Description eh.

Bacon has. Boyd Hilton(Heat Magazine)&another guy come up from London to Salford each week to do the tv reviews&if there is breaking News the the tv gets canned so they have come up or nothing but someone has had to pay for the train fares and they arent going to pay for it out of there own pocket so its the BBC that picks up the cost.

I wonder how much money they are wasting like this.
Seasons Greetings All;-)