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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Today's show 08/12/11

Congratulations are in order again, as you are mentioned on Biased BBC where Bupendra Bhakta wrote the following:
Jeremy Vine whored himself for the cause yesterday, and whored himself shamelessly. 
'Next up... is it time to bring Gordon back?'
'Some commentators' were asking this apparently because after all Brown had kept us out of the Euro and saved the world. That would be the same 'some commentators' as 'many people' and 'loads of texts' and the other proxies the BBC uses when it means, 'We at the BBC believe...'. Vine's useful idiot to further argue the cause was Jonathan Freedland, a Guardian hack with two, unconnected, brain-cells. Apparently, according to the hack, 'Tony Blair was far less gung-ho about the Euro in private'. (Remember to point out next time you shout 'heads' and it's 'tails' that in private you were far less gung-ho about heads.)
Before I look at today's offering, I'd like to go back to the first item on yesterday's programme when you talked about "prejudice" and the National Social Survey. Now, I did not listen to you yesterday but I did hear other mentions of this survey on the BBC and could not help but think that the BBC were spinning their own agenda in what was being said. It appears I was not wrong as this article in The Commentator came to my attention:
BBC misrepresents National Social Survey
(Written by Prof. Philip Booth)
The BBC’s coverage of the National Social Survey shows the BBC at its very worst. It has completely misrepresented the survey to promote its own political worldview that we are becoming more selfish and less concerned about others.
The headline it used on the front page of its website is: “UK less willing to help others”. I have just read the survey and, in 227 pages, I cannot find any reference to whether people are less willing to help others.

Well, there's a thing, and there's more...

On BBC TV last night was the last episode of Frozen Planet. This was yet another propaganda-fest as the BBC's agenda on man-made global warming was rammed down its viewers' throats yet again. Some of us were still recovering from the onslaught metered out on the same subject during last Sunday's Countryfile. I have admired your colleague Simon Mayo for many years and it seems that even he is acting on the BBC memo when he mentioned that the last Frozen Planet episode would now be shown in the USA, despite it being "contentious over there". He needs to realise that it is contentious in this country too, but we have the luxury (!) of a tax-funded broadcaster to go on and on and on and on about it promoting their one-sided argument so often that perhaps somebody somewhere will believe it.

And a quick scan of today's menu shows that you too are jumping on board the BBC propaganda wagon...

1) EU SUMMIT - Conservative backbenchers want Cameron to go to the EU summit and give the Europeans a good ‘handbagging’. But what if they German policy is right and the true British interest lies in saving the Euro? : And there it is in that second sentence, reinforced by your comment on Ken's show: "We've got to pitch in and be part of the team now, as it is sooooo baaaaad", and you reinforced this again at 12:07 as if there is no other possible point of view. What were the chances of that second sentence being: But what if the backbenchers are right and the true British interest lies in scrapping the Euro? On a cold day in BBC hell maybe. Surprisingly, there are people with a different point of view to your own who do not need to be told what to think by you or anybody else, thank you very much. I wonder if Cameron is listening....? Next...

I'll now wait while your web site servant brings you another coffee from Starbucks ... ooooh, no, I bet you don't drink Starbucks coffee ... from a well-known coffee retailer and does their job as, apparently, you are discussing the EU Summit three times today. Oh, I remember now, it's Thursday and it always goes wrong on a Thursday...

Hmmm... 12:00 and it is a still a mess, so using the sentence at the top...

2) Kids running up huge bills on their mobile phones : Kids? What kids? No kids here. Next...

3) A new stalking clinic : (A clinic for stalkers, not the stalked) The only person I stalk is you, from 250 miles away and with no attempt to hide my location or identity. Next...

4) Limiting the number of Viagra tablets dispensed : I need write no more than this does not concern me.

12:16, I've given up waiting and the three EU Summit mentions have vanished. How hard can it be? I'll post an update later if anything changes.

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