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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Today's show 07/12/11

I saw this yesterday, and it made me laugh. If only it were true...
Broadcaster launches new dedicated apology channel, BBC Sorry
The BBC has announced plans for a new digital channel specifically designed to apologise for all of the corporation’s output. The channel, BBC Sorry, will be launched in the New Year to coincide with a new series of Top Gear.
Viewers have welcomed the new service. ‘After seeing the reaction to Clarkson’s outburst, I was really aggrieved that I didn’t take offence when I watched it live with my wife,’ said teacher Derek Compton. ‘It wasn’t until I read about it later in The Guardian that I realised just how offended I should have been. When you take his comments completely out of context they are absolutely unforgiveable, so I definitely think he should be sacked. BBC Sorry will stop me missing future opportunities to be morally outraged.’

Today's issue that affects me: My wife is a vegetarian, but she likes a real bacon sandwich from time to time (good girl!) provided that the bacon is crispy and it is not rammed full of rashers. After making a bacon sandwich for herself the other day she left one solitary bacon rasher in the fridge. Do I (a) make the most pathetic bacon sandwich ever using the one rasher and one slice of bread, or (b) cut it up for one of our cats who loves eating bacon?

Wednesday, and still there is no real news, apparently...

1) PREJUDICE - A survey of social attitudes says that people are increasingly blaming the poor for being poor and the unemployed for being unemployed. Have you experienced prejudice for being unemployed? : Yes, particularly myself back in 2002. But help is at hand: Trade Uion UNITE now offer membership (
 to "the unemployed, students and all those not in employment the opportunity to become part of one of the most powerful forces for equality in the country", and all for 50p a week. What a bargain, and what a shame that they do not do a special membership for self-employed workers like myself! I'd love to go on strike for better pay and conditions, and my boss can be a right cantankerous bugger at times. Being the cynical old git that I am, and as UNITE could not get the majority of their fully paid-up members to support the strike last week, I suggest that this is just an attempt to bolster their presence at marches, demonstrations and protests by using "cheap" members who have got nothing else to do. Up The Non-Workers! Next...

2) PETTY CRIMINALS - A couple staying at a B&B in Aberystwyth clear off without paying. The police use DNA evidence to track them down. Is that over the top or the right way to catch petty criminals? : You said on Ken's show, and as I suspected, that at least one of the couple had a police record before they legged it from the B&B, otherwise it would have been impossible to make the match. I don't have much sympathy for criminals, especially repeat offenders, and I'm glad they were caught. IF you had decided to talk about how and why DNA samples are taken from anybody who is arrested (whether charged or not, and with force if necessary) and how long they are retained then I would have listened, but the trivia that you are planning to talk about today is is of no interest to me. Next...

3) PAYDAY LOANS - Companies which allow payday loans are being attacked today — but actually don’t they rescue people from the real sharks? Do you say “Thank God for payday loans”? : I do, most days, but I've just checked the terms and conditions at
 and it says: Our only criteria is that you are aged 18 or over, a UK resident and that you are in some form of employment (part-time is fine). So, no good for anybody self-employed then, like me. Keep trying Jeremy, one day you might talk about something that has a real relevance to me. Next...

4) NEW PLANET - Another planet has been found just like this one. Let’s go there and start a new world, but what would the rules be? How would you make it a better place than planet earth? : Easy ... no Jeremy Vine Show, and no Daily Mail. And the point of this discussion is what, exactly? In case you were not aware, flights of fancy such as this do not constitute "news".
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