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Friday, 16 December 2011

Today's show 16/12/11

Today's issue that affects me: Last Friday I ordered three Tunis Cakes from my nearest branch of Tesco. They told me that they would be in the store on Monday 12th December, but they have still not arrived. What is the point of allowing me to order something that they cannot provide?

You'll be interested to know, I hope, that my wife works in the travel industry. They had the radio on in their office yesterday afternoon and picked up on your "Greece has left the euro" work of fiction yesterday. Having missed the introduction they then took your words to be the truth and spent some time discussing the affects that it would have on their business. It was only when they could find no other mention of Greece's withdrawal on any news outlet that they realised that you were broadcasting a spoof. Needless to say, they were not impressed with wasting their valuable time.

I was disappointed to read that fellow critic of your programme @Vine_Watch on Twitter has announced that he/she may no longer be able to comment on your programme as an office reorganisation has moved the radio out of earshot, which is good for them but I will miss the witty comments. There was a good one yesterday, again about Greece: Jeremy Vine Show so desparate, it is now making-up fictional news stories and then having a heated debate about them! But we all know that making up stories is nothing new, don't we.

So, what are you making up today then...

1) DEMENTIA PATIENTS - Hospitals in England and Wales are failing to give proper care to dementia patients, according to a review. But we hear what things are like from the nurse's perspective : It must all be very difficult, but I am not aware that I know anybody with dementia. Next...

2) READING SOMEONE'S DIARY - Kate McCann was left feeling “mentally raped” after the News of the World published the private diary she had been keeping for her missing daughter. How did you feel when someone read your diary? : So, what diary is that then? The only diary I have ever kept was the one in which I used to record my school homework tasks 40 years ago. Are you going to lambast The Guardian today then? Thought not. And Piers Morgan has been summoned to appear before Leveson next week in connection with his time at the Daily Mirror - another non-News International paper. I bet you ignore that too. Next...

3) FAKE GOODS - After 1, as people hit the shops and the internet to buy Christmas presents, we discuss the rise of fake goods : I have long held the view that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is, so have not been caught by this. To be honest, the type of goods that are faked, that you mentioned on Ken's show and as shown in your web page picture ( are not the kind of stuff that I buy. Next...

4) ALLOTMENT - We catch up with Terry Walton on the programme allotment : "Plucking vegetables", eh? I only grow grass.

"You can follow me on Twitter" ... I'd love to, but you have chosen to block me from doing so.

The Jeremy Vine Show - wasting everybodys' time, every day


Will said...

Missed Ken's bit earlier as was in Supermarket where there is no DAB or FM reception.1st I knew what was on was at 12.When I heard turned over to the arrow straight away.2 days running Ive turned Radio 2 off at midday.
Thankfully if Im near Tv then 3 episodes of Law & Order are on,CSI NY,Murder she wrote,The Professionals & Quantum Leap in the afternoon so Radio is off more. than on.

Stonyground said...

I once bought a fake Rolex for a girlfriend. It was obviously not a real one, the price was a bit of a givaway, and I gave it to her without any pretence that it was authentic. Being rather pretentious and shallow, she was delighted with it and was quite happy to pass it off as real until the finish peeled off. At this point she stopped wearing it. I can't see that any harm was done. If people are making goods that are of such good quality that they are indistinguishable from the real thing but one tenth the price, then the issue is over the investment in research and developement. Then we have the issue of big names producing their goods in sweat-shops and then adding two zeros to the price, how ethical is that?