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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Today's show 13/12/11

12:00 and I'm still waiting for Vine or one of his minions to update his web page ( Hopeless!

12:30 and still nothing.

13:30 ... they are obviously not bothering with the web page today. Hopefully whatever counts as Normal Service will be resumed tomorrow!

UPDATE 14/12/12: I checked JV's web page at 11pm yesterday and it had still not been updated, but it was updated before 9am this morning...

1) NEWS OF THE WORLD - It could be that the News Of The World was not responsible for deleting the messages on Milly Dowler’s mobile. If that’s the case, would you reassess whether the News Of The World should have closed? : It was The Guardian that pointed the finger at NOTW (
) but I cannot see the BBC ever attacking them the same way that they did the NOTW. I am no fan of the Dead Tree Press and I find a delicious irony that the News Of The World was forced to close as a result of a story that wasn't 100% true.

2) POLAR BEARS - The BBC filmed the birth of a polar bear in a zoo. Critics say that it was a fake, but others say ‘Oh come on, it’s the magic of TV!’ :  I could not care less if they faked the scene or not, but it could have been mentioned in the 10-minutes "this is how we did it" section at the end of the programme. Then again, the BBC's philosophy these days seems to be: If you can't make it, fake it!

3) PRESENTS - We live in hard times: how do you tell the kids there’s no money for Christmas? : It must be difficult, but there are still no kids here!

4) FARE-DODGER - We discuss the passenger who intervened to throw a youth off a train between Edinburgh and Perth who didn’t have a ticket : From the Daily Mail. Whatever...

Complaint lodged on BBC web site:

I consider the prompt updating of the Jeremy Vine Show web page important as it allows me to determine which, if any, of the the four discussion topics each day are of interest to me. On Tuesday 13th December the web page was not updated until after 11pm. Similar failures to update the web page promptly or at all have occurred recently on 8th December, 22nd November, 17th November, 11th November and 3rd November. I consider the prompt updating of the show web page to be important and my complaint is that not enough attention is given to making this happen.


Will said...

Basically it was.
1:NOTW-Was it wrong that it closed.
2:Frozen Planet-BBC fakey.
3:Christmas+no money.How do you tell the kids?
4:Fare evading Student in Scotland gets chucked off Train(Well Done-He's lucky he didnt get a kicking as well)
1st hr JV was defending News International and slagging off BBC for misleading information.How funny it was coming from JV.

Maybe he's after a job with Sky as he knows his BBC days are up & Sky mislead daily.

The BBC misleading you daily & you HAVE to pay for the privilege!!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Will ... I missed him on Ken's show this morning due to a phone call, so that didn't help either.

1) NOTW - It was 5th July that JV laid in to NOTW (as did the rest of the BBC) after The Guardian said that NOTW had deleted the phone messages. Surprised to read that he took an alternative anti-BBC view today, but did he have a go at The Guardian too?

2) Frozen Planet - Personally I could not care less if they faked the scene or not, but it should have been mentioned in the 10-minutes "this is how we did it" section at the end of the programme. Then again, the BBC's philosophy these days seems to be: If you can't make it, fake it!

3) Christmas money - It must be difficult, but no kids here!

4) Fare evasion - I agree with you. I wonder how hard JV had to search for somebody who disagreed...?


gill kerry said...

I heard the JV and Ken slot earlier and Vine was wittering on about the scots rail story. Call me a cynic, but I never quite beleive these you tube 'films'. Wouldn't surprise me if it was a set-up and then 'released into the wild' Lots of people do that sort of thing. So until I have absolute prof, then.....
I didn't quite go along with the Dowler story either. Surely they would have realised that the old bill would have been checking and that messages are deleted after some time. Mine keeps them for 30 ish days, which would be quite upsetting if you wanted to keep a lost love-ones message. What happened to all those 11/9 messages? Whilst I am sure that NOW probably did 'hack', allegedly, perhaps the dowlers will pay their compensation back, or to , for example, a charity such as the suzy lamplugh trust.
Did laugh at JV saying there was no arguments on his twitter feed. I shouted 'no, because you wont allow it'. reminds me when the sarah kennedy message board was taken down.
Finally, (ha ha) , JV is discussing the BBC. Whilst I dont have a problem, per se, of the BBC filming in some european zoo, I do think we should be told. I realise that programmes are edited and that it is cheaper to film in europe than the north pole, but it is the fact that we are misled that annoys me. Rant over!!

Stonyground said...

I find that if I don't comment here for a while I get kicked off and have to sign in again. It took me a while to work out that I had to scroll sideways on the page that invites me to start a blog to get to the signing in part. Then sometimes the system refuses to recognise me and then if I try to re-register it tells me that my username and password is already in use. Anyway, it seems to like me today.

Is it possible that the erratic updating of the JV webpage is deliberate. It sort of shows that you are getting to them if it is.

Will said...

If the page gets updated on Thurs then we will know they gave the chimp who updates the web page Tues off this week rather than Thurs.

JV has given me turrets.Everytime he comes on I find myself shouting four letter words along with w****r and T****r ;-)