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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Today's show 15/12/11

Your web page was updated by 10:55 this morning. What happened there then? Is this a resumption of normal service? I can only hope so.

Today's issue that affects me: I am compiling a Top Ten of memorable Jeremy Vine Show moments from 2011. I already know what will go in the Number 1 position, but do you Jeremy have any suggestions for what else should appear? I would be very interested in your suggestions.

So, I'm looking forward to your blistering attack on The Guardian today. You know the kind of thing, just like the one you did on the News Of The World a few months ago. I feel sure it will be on today's menu as it is a story that is very much in the public interest and it raises all sorts of interesting questions about other attacks by that particular rag against any other of its pet hates and the people involved. Just to refresh your memory you can read more here: Oh, but hang on, what's this? That excellent article says: "The BBC, as the broadcast arm of the Guardian, has an editorial culture of omitting stories that paint the Guardian in a negative light and thus will act as if the story does not exist.". Oh dear, does that mean that you cannot cover this today? What a shame, because I would have listened!

Instead then, how about an apology to Rupert Murdoch and the NOTW staff who lost their jobs? Your contributor Kelvin Mackenzie has written an interesting piece here
 in which he asks The Guardian to do exactly that. As the "broadcast arm of the Guardian" I consider that the BBC should join in that same apology as their attacks on NOTW, News International and the Murdochs were nothing short of vicious, and included in your own programme.

I'll leave it to you to come up with some suitably grovelling phraseology to use in your apology. After all, you might end up working for NI one day so best to keep on the right side of them, eh?

Going back to Mackenzie's piece, he makes an interesting point: "The problem with journalism is that people don’t tell you the truth. They think it’s the truth, they hope it’s the truth, they wish it to be the truth but they get it plain wrong.". He should know, and now we know. My suspicions of the last 20 years have been confirmed.

Oh, and don't get me wrong. I could not care less about the demise of the NOTW, or The Guardian - which with its plummeting readership cannot be far away now, surely. What interests me is the sort-of "code" that exists between journalists and how it is used, broken and ignored from time to time. I'm sure you know I am no fan of journalists and in the light of recent events I now consider that they should all be taken outside and executed in front of their families. Are you offended by that? Good.

So, The Guardian must surely be the first item today. Oh, no, you are telling us to think different things...

1) PROBLEM FAMILIES - The government wants to help problem families. Was your family situation so bad that you would have benefited from some intervention that you didn’t get? : No, it was not. Can my wife and I apply to become a problem family? Next...

2) DANGEROUS DOGS - Judges have looked again at how sentencing works under the Dangerous Dogs Act. We talk to someone that tells us why they need a big gnashing guard dog : Last discussed on 17th March (DANGEROUS DOGS - A teenager in Lancashire is mauled by two dangerous dogs. How come the dangerous dogs act didn't get rid of dangerous dogs. Do you have one in your street?) so obviously a PET subject of yours. Tee Hee. Geddit? Good to see that you have found another mysterious "someone" to light the flames of outrage and indignation today. And nice use of the word "gnashing" too on the web page and on Ken's show as that will only fuel the fire even more. Perhaps "someone" has a legitimate reason, perhaps "someone" does not, but I'm pretty sure "someone" does not live around here. Next...

3) GREECE - At 1pm, we imagine what would happen if Greece crashes out of the Euro : Important word there: IF. I listened to you talking about this on Ken's show, and - ignoring a feeling of losing the will to live - I got the distinct impression that you had not really thought this through and are planning to "wing it". You described this somewhat differently when you promoted your show on your personal Twitter feed (all views personal of course, and still missing a comma) earlier today: "Later @BBCRadio2, we will play the following scenario: Greece has suddenly announced one morning it is back to the drachma, Greek Euros are converted 1:1 to drachmas. Border controls are brought in. It's illegal to hold Euros. All Greek foreign debt is cancelled. The change is done literally overnight to stop people hoarding Euros. Join us at 1pm as we explore this (fictional?) scenario.". Fictional? Scenario? David Attenborough will be proud of you. Next...

4) WOMEN'S SPORTS - Are sports pages in violation of the Equality Act because they hardly ever cover women’s sports? : I think you are confusing me with somebody who (a) buys a newspaper, and/or (b) has any interest in sport of any kind.

The Jeremy Vine Show - a problem radio programme in need of help


gill kerry said...

JV prog discussed dogs fairly recently too. I think Paddy Whatsisface was sitting in. It was mainly concerning staffies and caused a torrent of abuse, pictures being uploaded to the radio 2 facebook page of cute staffies etc. JV is living dangerously himself

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Ah yes, thanks Gill. It was on 25th November that O'Connell discussed Staffies.

Stonyground said...

Oh no, he has caused mass hysteria by broadcasting something that was stated at the beginning to be a spoof but which people who were not in at the start thought was real. He will now be comparing himself to Orson Wells. I'm not sure that Greece dropping out of the Euro compares with an alien invasion though.