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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Today's show 20/12/11

Today's issue that affects me: What type of bread makes the best toast?

You know, the relationship between The Guardian and the BBC continues to puzzle me. One moment they are the ultimate thing in incestuous bedfellows, and the next moment one (usually The Guardian) is dishing the dirt on the other. It has happened again today:
BBC admits using notorious private investigator to trace paedophile
The BBC has admitted hiring a notorious private investigator who was convicted of supplying newspapers with illegally obtained private information about celebrities and public figures.
The corporation said it had commissioned Steve Whittamore, whose targets have included the parents of murdered schoolgirls Milly Dowler and Sarah Payne, on one occasion in 2001.

Is this news? I don't think so. It happened 11 years ago and it makes me wonder why The Guardian bothered to publish it at all, other than to perhaps remind the BBC of who is the boss maybe?

So, let's take a look at what you have managed to scrape from the empty barrel of news for the shortest day of the year...

1) MASS HYSTERIA - As mass hysteria grips North Korea, we look at the psychology of mourning a dictator and speak to someone who says “Was it that different when Princess Diana died?” Find out more in this article from the Telegraph : Perhaps it all goes to show that you can fool all of the people all of the time. Never having mourned a dictator, I have no idea or interest in the psychology behind it, but perhaps the mysterious "someone" will be able to tell your listeners more. The comparison with Diana is interesting. Sad as it was, I was not really affected by Diana's death and I certainly did not turn into a blubbing wreck. As I recall, my only reaction was to immediately wonder who was behind her death. To this day I do not believe it was an accident - and I have never bought a copy of the Daily Express. And it is odd, don't you think, that the best selling single in the UK of all time is never heard on the radio. Anyway, here is a Kim Jong-Il web site that you may find amusing:
. I did. Next...

2) 1950S - Nick Clegg says we don’t want to return to the 1950s. Norman Tebbit asks what was wrong with the 1950s. Wasn’t it our greatest decade? Find out more in Norman Tebbit's article from the Telegraph : I have no idea as I was only around for about 18 months of the 1950s, and my memory of that time is hazy to say the least. One thing is for sure, though: The BBC Light Programme would never have broadcast a radio show such as yours. Next...

3) FOSTER CARERS - Britain’s short of foster carers. Are you someone who never regretted being a foster carer? : I have never been a foster carer, and I don't regret that. I think that excludes me from the relevance of this discussion. Next...

4) SQUEEZE - For a Christmas treat, we’re joined by Squeeze who’ll play live in the studio : Hmmmm.... Have they got a new album out? "Cool For Cats" was good (and yes, I can recite all the words), "Pulling Mussels From The Shell" was OK, "Up The Junction" was terrible, and so I'm not really a fan. And "Christmas Day" (
) is truly one of THE worst Christmas songs ever. I don't think I need to listen, thanks.

Piers Morgan is giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry this afternoon. My guess is that the BBC will give this as little coverage as they possibly can. But please feel free to prove me wrong!

The Jeremy Vine Show - creating mass hysteria, every day


Will said...

Yesterday's show was 2hr of Sony awarding winning comedy Gold but I wasnt really listening to the last 25mins.

Such gems as stopping anyone on benefits afted 15th Dec queueing up in the post office so the queues arent too long and there are no 90min queues.

JV seems to not know the difference between a sorting office and a post office as he claims that there was people in front of him at the sorting office wanting to buy stamps.My sorting office is a sorting office they just deal with collections they dont sell anything.
They had 1 guy on yesterday who said he wasnt going to do Internet shopping any longer as he had to go to the sorting office 3 whole times this year;-)

No Kids,Shit Christmas woman-Get a grip DM journo!!

He described Kill-whats-name death as the very sad news.I wonder how he described Bin Laden & Sadam's death?

Today he's comparing the death of a dictator with the death of Princess Diana!

Thankfully Columbo is on ITV3 so no contest.JV or Columbo;-)
JV gets my **** (insert your choice of 4letter word) of the Year 2011.

For me I hear what subjects he is doing and think I wonder how incompetently JV can handle this.Somedays I just nneed a break to restore the sanity;-)

Stonyground said...

I can never understand people having nostalgia for some long past decade. As a general rule things have been improving with time as long as I have been around, why would anyone want to go back? Oh wait, if I was middle class I could have a slow, unreliable and badly equipped car. I could have a black and white telly that only gets one channel and most of the time is blank.

Is the Squeeze Christmas song actually worse that the Little Drummer Boy?

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

> Is the Squeeze Christmas song actually worse that the Little Drummer Boy?

Oh yes!

gill Kerry said...

Plus food rationing, drab days, unequal pay, smog, the list is endless. Only those who want to control the poets really yearn for the old days

gill Kerry said...

That should be plebs, not poets. Eeek

Will said...

Lucy Porter (R2 Poet) Pass the sick bag will you;-)

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I think you mean Lucy Berry! Lucy Porter is the delightful stand-up comedienne who appears on the Radcliffe & Maconie show on 6 Music from time to time.

Lucy Berry's poetry leaves me with a wish to self-harm....!