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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Today's show 01/12/11

The first item on today's show comes as no surprise at all. Your show is renowned for taking the "easy" story but missing the "real" story that sits behind it...
1) INCITING HATRED - Should it be unlawful to incite hatred against public sector workers?: Interesting that you chose to use this terminology with a picture of Jeremy Clarkson, but make no reference to him in your text and you made no mention on Ken's show that he will be in the studio to defend himself. And interesting too that it is the BBC that has apologised for his remarks, rather than Clarkson himself. In honesty I hope he doesn't apologise as it would just be another nail in the coffin of free speech that you and many others at the BBC would like to see firmly closed and buried. I may not be supportive of what Clarkson says but I do like the fact that he says what he thinks and is not afraid to do so. Your regular guest George Galloway is exactly the same, so what is the difference between him and Clarkson? Not much, I would suggest, but you for some unfathomable reason think that Galloway makes a valuable contribution. Oh, how wrong you are. Clarkson has no hidden agenda, no innuendo, no attempt at suggestion - he says it as he sees it with conviction and with, I believe, an "if you don't like what I say then tough" attitude and we, the listeners and viewers, can vote with the Off switch if we choose. You, of course, do have a hidden agenda (or complete disinterest) in the topics you discuss. Your voice inflections and control of what your contributors say don't do much to hide it, and I vote with my Off switch every day. So how would this "unlawful" thing work then? I do not believe that you are seriously suggesting that legislation is introduced to protect public sector workers (only) from "hatred", however you define that, so this is really just a veiled and undefended character assassination on Clarkson, isn't it? I have said it many times before, but I will say it again now: Jeremy Clarkson would make a GREAT stand-in presenter on your programme, and I would DEFINITELY listen. Perhaps it should be unlawful to incite hatred of crappy radio broadcasters who tell the UK population what to think every lunch time, in which case I'm guilty as charged, M'Lud. Lock me up in chains, won't you. Next...

2) BEREAVEMENT - How much paid bereavement leave should you be entitled to after the death of a close family member? : As a self-employed sole-trader I can take as much leave as I like but I am not and never will be paid for doing so, whatever the circumstances. Next...

3) DISCOUNT WEBSITES - Are websites like Groupon doing wonders for your business, or hurting it? Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail : All Hail the Daily Mail! This topic was last discussed on your programme on 11th March this year. Funny, isn't it, how these "anything but actual real news" stories come round again, and again, and again... My business has no association with Groupon or any other vouchers, and is doing just fine, thank you. Next...

4) HOME-MADE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS - Do you feel under pressure to home-bake and hand-make presents this Christmas? Find out more in this article from the Manchester Evening News : No, never.
The Jeremy Vine Show - featuring nonsense from two Jeremys today


gill kerry said...

I must declare an interest here and say I actually loath Clarkson and support the public service workers here, but it occurs to me that JC is joking, although not very funny. I don't think even he would suggest nurses and care workers should be shot, esp. as his money comes mostly from the BBC, a publicly funded organisation. It also occurs to me that the BBC must have known this would happen and JC was the willing stooge.
I remember a few years ago JC published his bank details in a news(?)paper on the understanding that he wouldn't get hacked. He was and a fraud direct debit was setup in his account. We never heard if he was refunded or otherwise by the bank for revealing his own details

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Gill!

I was not defending Clarkson, only his right to say what he thinks, and drawing the inevitable comparison with Galloway. Some would say that both Clarkson and Galloway talk tosh, but JV only worships at one of their altars.

I have to say that with the more I hear and read about this affair the more it strikes me it was a deliberate set-up and he was the stooge, as you say. It is all over the R2 and 6Music news today ... anybody would think there is no other news today.

An interesting piece has appeared here this morning:

Will said...

Im back after been out of action for 2 weeks with the Flu.Read the blog each day but avoided JV each day when I could.Listened twice only (for 30 mins)and that was only because I couldnt be arsed to turn the radio off.The 2 days I did listen after 30 mins I crawled across the floor to turn the radio off.

Clarkson is a has been total wanker who has never done a hard days work in his life.The fact that he is from Doncaster just seals the deal :-) Once again over payed BBC employee that as a BBC Tax payer Im contributing too.

Just to show you how much I dislike JC then I would rather listen to David Cameron then JC. JC is bum chums with DC though anyway.

Copy of an email I send to Richard bacon on 5 live who was discussing this subject.Not been read out yet.

JC is part of the Super Injuction set and how he managed to get 2 women to marry him without paying them I'll never know :-)

Hi Richard,

What is the difference between what Clarkson said and what Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand did on Radio 2??? Apart from what Clarkson said I think is worst then why should Brand and Ross both of which are far funnier than Clarkson be forced to leave the BBC but yet Clarkson survive again?

I do like how Clarkson said "People who have to work" like he has ever done a hard days work in his life!!

Clarkson is just doing this for publicity as this is the only way he would ever get into the papers these days.Im sure a new Series of Top Gear is starting shortly.

Clarkson is an overpayed has been and (sounds like a banker) but there is plenty of them employed by the BBC who wont disclose their pay agreements but happy to have a go at others.Dont forget Clarkson is payed for by the BBC TAX which we all dont have a choice to pay for.

What I would be interested in is, how did Clarkson get 2 women to marry him (without paying them apparently)There must be some desperate women in this world if Jeremy Clarkson is there thing.

Quite funny how he is part of the Super injunction set when its stuff he doesnt want out there but is a media whore for other things.

If Ross and Brand was sacked then save the licence payer some money and sack Clarkson Now.

Funnily enough on last Thursday's Question Time David Dimbleby was asked on air what he was paid by the BBC to do his job?? His Answer was "Im not telling you but it has gone down in the cuts!!" My heart Bleeds for You !!!!

Will said...

Forgot to add that John Bishop on Richard Bacon had the right idea.

He said that someone should take Clarkson out and shoot him,Not kill him but just injure him and then when he goes to Hospital then it would be funny to see all the nurses then see him and laugh and say I dont think so,Bugger off you wanker.Sort yourself out :-)

John Bishop for PM.Always on the ball,always funny on the radio.

Stonyground said...

I agree with you all that JC is a pillock but should be allowed to air his opinions and then be called out for being an idiot. It is obvious that he didn't mean this literally and that it was an over the top way of saying that he was against them. If he had been serious, he seemed to be implying that he would undertake these summary executions personally. Since Mrs. Stonyground was involved in the strike and I have a black belt, I'm tempted to invite the fat oaf around to my house to try it. As Will said, good luck to him when he has to face the medical staff who have to patch him up.

Stonyground said...

When I heard, on the KB trailer, what subject number four was going to be I nutted my desk. Who are these people with such pathetically low esteem that they fret about someone they know being better at doing stuff than they are? Do they even exist? I'm an ordinary bloke, there are things that I'm good at and things that I'm rubbish at. There are people who are better and worse at different things, that is just life. If there really are people out there who worry about this why on earth would anyone want to encourage them on national radio?

gill kerry said...

to be honest, I thought JC's comments on suicides jumping in front of trains were more objectionable. How inconsiderate of them, and yes, i do feel sorry for the train drivers rather than Clarkson having to sit in first class for a bit longer!!
Yes @stoneyground, I too felt in headbanging mode, and then I realised this was an advert for Kirsty Allsop's TV programme. Has she got a book out perchance? She is certainly on TV at the moment, making pork pies knitted egg cosies, or something. This was the only bit I listened to on JV programme, KA wittering on and JV's voice inflections going all over the place as usual, esp. to the bloke who remembered the crap presents in the fifties. Class

Stonyground said...

Mrs. Stonyground now informs me that she has seen the whole JC clip and it would appear that he has been quoted badly out of context. He apparently said that the strike had been wonderful for him due to reductions in traffic and then said that this being the BBC I have to be balanced and then said the bit about people being shot to make that point. If this is the case it puts quite a different complexion on the whole issue, particularly as only half of the quote was played on reports on BBC radio today.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I didn't see the programme last night, and I have only seen the short YouTube "should be shot" clip.

Interesting, don't you think, that the BBC have decided not to make the programme available on iPlayer, and the only clip available anywhere that I can find is the "should be shot" snippet, which has also been played to death on R2 and 6Music news all day. I can probably quote it word-for-word now! My thanks go to Mrs Stonyground for pointing out that there may be more to this than the BBC are telling us.

This smells more and more like a deliberate setup as time goes on. I think we can rest assured that the One Show's ratings will go through the roof tonight as it is all over the papers and other news stations, and Clarkson has apologised (after he was told to?) so the BBC have a win-win situation. We will probably never know whether Clarkson was "in" on this, or just an unknowing oaf. It just seems odd that they would have somebody who will play the outrageous court jester on the programme on a day when such a contentious issue as the strikes are to be discussed.

So, who's on tonight's One Show then? Nick Griffin, maybe?

Will said...

They paid the full clip on Bacon on 5 live as well and its apparent that he is joking but its not funny whether you hear it in full or what the news have been playing.

But that is Clarkson,someone who thinks he is funny but is so not funny.All Clarkson has is Top Gear and his Yearly Books and DVD's. At least Hammond and May do other programmes for the BBC both of which are usually good.Hammond's Engineering and May's Toy Stories were excellent.

I stopped watching Top Gear a couple of series a go because of Clarkson seeming to think he's funny when he just comes across as a total wanker.

Wouldnt surprise me if JC was totally in on this as someone said he has a DVD out and needs the publicity.His Ex-wife on "The Sunday Show" interview was interesting which he tried to silence with a Super injunction.

Never bought a JC DVD/Book,never watched the One Show and none of this has changed with this.Add onto the list of people I object to funding the complete Tosser Clarkson along with alot of other BBC "celebrities".

The sooner the BBC looses the protection the Licence Fee gives it the better and the BBC have to fight for its life along with there "so called talent"