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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Today's show 14/12/11

Hmmm... no web page update for the second day running. What are they playing at? Perhaps it is deliberate.

I heard him to talk to Ken and it was Domestic Violence, Diabetes, something about weak lofts (!) and something else...

Classic exchange when talking to Ken:

Ken: "I have type 2 diabetes ... and there are hereditary reasons for type 2 diabetes"
JV: "Are there?"

As well researched as ever.

Back later!

Today's issue that affects me: Where can I buy a Tunis Cake?

Well done! We only had to wait until 12:45 today for your web page to be updated. I had to wait until 9am this morning to find out about yesterday's! I've lodged a complaint, and now I know the correct procedure this one is going to go all the way.
Let's see what I have missed, and what I am about to ignore...
1) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Domestic violence is not just physical violence. Were you married to someone who psychologically controlled you? : Was I? No. Am I? No. Have I already missed this? Yes. Next...
2) DIABETES - A new report says that thousands of people are dying unnecessarily due to diabetes. Are you furious that diabetes doesn’t get the attention that other illnesses get? : I can't remember the last time I was furious about anything. 1990 maybe? Anyway, the only thing that I am concerned about with relevance to diabetes is your chat with Ken earlier, which went something like this:
Ken: "I have type 2 diabetes ... there are hereditary reasons for type 2 diabetes"
You: "Are there?"
Research? Who needs it? Well, not somebody about to broadcast a news-based radio show on this very topic, apparently. Next...

3) JOHNSON BEHARRY - Johnson Beharry won the Victoria Cross for gallantry and valour. He’s now advertising vitamin tablets. Is there anything wrong with that? : Thank you for bringing this to my attention and for allowing me the opportunity to be furious and offended. However, I would have needed to buy a newspaper to have got the full effect. I didn't do that and I am not willing to change a habit of 30 years standing. I am sure the company that he is working for will be very grateful for your promotion of their products. Next...

4) COLLAPSING LOFTS - We discuss the danger of overloading your loft. A man from Essex was trapped for 11 hours when 7000 yachting magazines buried him alive : You could fill many, many hours of prime Radio 2 air time with hundreds of stories that basically go along the lines of: Stupid dickhead nearly kills himself, but fails. Meanwhile, another 10 or so people WILL be killed on Britain's roads today, and still they don't qualify for discussion on your programme as you can't take the piss out of them. You are a disgrace to "journalism" and Radio 2, but that is how you like it to be, apparently.
The Jeremy Vine Show - re-defining "news", every day


Will said...

Ken would have been ideal guest for JV for that slot but Im sure Ken has better things to do like get his Chiltern Train home or washing his hair;-)

On a coach today so slept through 1st 20 mins of JV and now listening to Ken doing Million best sellers from last Christmas on mp3.

After yesterday JV then couldnt stomach another 2hrs and Turrets on a coach isnt great;-)

Maybe the Website Chimp is off sick and this being the BBC then NO ONE else knows how to do it??

gill kerry said...

Well, I just complained re the contact button and got this reply

"Thank you for contacting Jeremy Vine. Unfortunately, due to the volume of enquiries, we cannot guarantee a reply. However, you may find that the information you require is already on our website"


Will said...

That's the Auto reply they send out to anyone.If you want to complain then use the complain email address.Anyone filled in the stuff on the BBC website for the BBC trust as they want to know what you think of the BBC?;-)

gill kerry said...

on ken's bit JV said a listener had said yesterday that anyone awarded the VC, could do anything, absolutely anything. What? Park on double yellows, releive themselves on a public highway, murder someone, do a radio 2 show between 12 and 2?

Stonyground said...

I still don't quite get what the point of number three is. Has this guy gained some kind of fame from winning his medal and as a result landed the vitamin pill gig? If he has so what? I really don't understand what the problem is. I would quite like to get to the bottom of it just in case it is up there with 'do you and your partner share a toothbrush?' or 'is it cruel to chickens to buy extra large eggs?' on the scale of idiotic pointlessness.