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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

2DAY's show 22/06/11

Well, this is different. JV on the radio while I'm eating my breakfast, who'd have thought....?

So, here's a question for you, as suggested by valued blog reader Andy:

Why is deliberately stirring up public outrage using stories culled from the Daily Mail not seen as part of "A 12-hour on-air celebration of everything the UK's favourite radio station has to offer"?

I'll come up with my own answer: Because your programme is an embarrassment to Radio 2 that they only have to broadcast because the BBC Trust tell them to, in their mis-guided wisdom.

I'll also have my own celebration, in that I won't be subjected to your ramblings at lunch time today.

So let's see what news stories I can cull from the Mail today:

Ooooh, this looks good, and I bet you would have conveniently ignored this one:
Chris Evans in race row after saying he could not see black scientist
Grateful Kate and the handwritten Wimbledon thank you letter... with a spelling mistake
After all, none of us have ever made a spelling mistake, have we? Especially whoever writes your daily web page....!

Here's another one to waste 30 minutes that your listeners would never get back:
When the going gets tough women go for wimps rather than a rugged macho man
Needless to say, I would have responded with my usual "I'm not a woman" retort.

And finally:
You cannot be serious! Roman gladiator's gravestone blames poor refereeing for losing a key battle (and his life)
You could have investigated refereeing standards at Roman gladiator matches, expressed your usual outrage or complete indifference, pinpoint the person responsible for the apparent failings, ask what can be done to improve the situation (but not actually change anything, as usual), and express faux sympathy for the poor victim.

Your listeners are being deprived of your usual offering, and for no apparent reason.

Don't worry, I have sent a complaint.

Anyway... I've listened for 12 minutes of your programme, and as I was not involved in the miner's strike in any way I have re-tuned to 6 Music. I'll probably stay there all day. Well done!

UPDATE for my blog readers:

After all that contact with the Daily Mail (even though it was online) I feel as though I need a shower, but it is going to have to wait for a few minutes as there are some brilliant comments on the 2DAY Live Chat, including one from me! Here is my biased selection:

Comment From lizzie 
have chris and ken gone on a booze cruise and left the witterers to bore on - dont need to hear about the miners strike ,I lived through it in a mining village-didnt see any posh BBC people there then

Comment From JackieD 
Had to turn R2 off 3 hours early - Jeramy Vine at this time of day (or any for that matter) - who's bright idea was that?? Hope I remember to switch back for Chris Evans

Comment From lizzie 
not good-prefer to listen to documentaries when i choose to and can listen to them properly -rarely listen to JV and just remembered why! I appreciate that its good to experiment but think you should not mess too much with the usual morning format

Comment From richnpaula 
hmm, maybe the timings of the presenters aren't quite right - the arts shoiw was waaay to early, not sure my brain is ready for vine and we deffo need more music and less chat

Comment From steve 
A certain irony. JV and DO play one of Bruce Springsteen's classic tracks 'Badlands' , then would you believe, talk about the passing of Clarence Clemons - right over his classic saxaphone break.

Comment From I Hate Jeremy Vine 
Is something wrong? Vine isn't rambling on about a story nicked from today's Daily Mail! Will the country survive?

Comment From Stuart P 
I think Jo Wylie mentioned earlier that we will all be discovering something new today. She is right as I will be finding the frequency for another radio station. What a load of self indulgent twaddle. If I want to listen to certain programmes I will tune in to them. 2day seems to be force feeding us with stuff we are not intersted in. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Radio 2 isn't broke so leave it all alone please. Pop Master, tracks of my years etc etc. It works whether Ken or Zoe presents so please put it back on asap. A very dissapointed listener. Still I guess all those presenters/sidekicks who have the day off off on full pay no doubt are enjoying themselves.

Comment From Mikew 
Sorry but I really HATE this mess .I`m off to commercial radio until this hotch potch day is over - I listen from 9.30am until 6pm because that`s my choice , what my own personal listening preferences are . Forcing people I dislike and always avoid ( Dermot, Jamie C , Johnnie Walker, Wogan, etc ) into my day just antagonises me.I`m away !

Comment From Tris 
What a mistake r2day is! I want the usual stuff back! There is a dial on the radio, if I wanted to listen to "other stuff". This is the sort of mistake that made me turn off radio 1!!!!!

Comment From Kevin 
Agree with Rob this is dross..i listen to radio 2 every day...i'm glad i've got meetings later so i wont have to listen to this anymore...roll on tomorrow

Comment From Claire L 
Have just switched off. This 2day thing feels a bit like a big marketing experiment, and I can understand why it’s being done but can’t help wonder whether a day over the weekend would have been better as, like many, I listen while working and so whilst the discussions regarding the documentaries might be interesting, having Dermot and Jeremy wittering on is more irritating than anything. Will tune in again later, but not between 12 and 1. ;o)

Comment From Thomas Byrne 
I have nothing to add to the comments other then 2Day is PANTS! I want my old Radio2 BACK, even if this is for one day! Feel like a bank holiday, which is weird, cos its Wednesday!

Comment From Jo,Mary,Sharon & Gang 
Sorry, but don't like this at all!!!!! In the office we need music in the morning, we enjoy the normal schedule, my collegue has found decent music this morning by going to a commercial station!!! What's the point???

Comment From Will 
This is a brave, but misguided experiment. I enjoy much of the Radio Two content but I don't want to listen to documentaries about Springsteen at 10.00 in the morning (actually, at any time since I am not interested in Springsteen). Listeners should be at the heart of what you do and I suspect you have alienated many of them today with this self congratulatory back slapping. Leave the daytime schedules alone and do this stuff in the evening. Janice Long must be thrilled to be back on prime time radio. I am not thrilled to being subjected to her - or, indeed, much of the content today. It's a mess and ill conceived. I'm switching channels!


gill kerry said...

Turned JV and DO off after 2 mins. Cant stand either and like the other listener dont want JV droning on .bout miners in his sneering fashion. I remember it too well. Is this BBC bias in view of ffuture strikes on pensions. Bet JV keeps his salary even tho he is doing only a fraction of his usual day. The BBC , less hours for the same pay

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

The NUJ went on strike on 5th November last year, causing disruption to BBC news bulletins through the day.

JV still turned up for work though.

He has as much solidarity with "the bruvvers" as a strawberry jelly.

Stonyground said...

The comment about them talking over the sax break reminded me of how I used to loath Simon Bates when he used to do "Our Tune". Some couple's nauseating sob story followed by a classic song that SB would talk over.

I'm wondering, were the comments that you showed just the bad ones or were there no complimentary ones at all? Personally I didn't tune in to R2 at all today as was pretty sure that I would hate it.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

There were some positive comments, but they were in the minority. About 70% bad to 30% good I reckon. All of the comments I posted appeared between 9am and 10am, when JV was on.

I've dipped in to the Live Chat during the day and the "this is awful" comments have continued, but seem to have declined in number. I don't know whether this was due to listeners going elsewhere, or whether the comments were censored at all. Certainly I posted some comments that did not appear, while others did almost immediately.

It will be interesting to see what the reviews are like tomorrow. I can't wait to have a pop at JV with a crap review from the Daily Mail.

Anyway, JV is off to Iceland tomorrow. So that should be fun and a great use of our Licence Fees, don't you think?

Andy "valued blog reader" Elms said...

I posted a few comments up, asking the producers if they liked having a more "music based" show at lunchtime. They were published online, but not replied to.