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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Today's show 02/06/11

How am I supposed to write this rubbish when nobody there can be bothered to update your web page? 11:55 and still only the merest hint of what you will be discussing today.

I'll come back in a bit....

<Goes away for 10 minutes>
Aha! 12:05 and somebody has got their act together, so let's see what tosh will tantalise your listeners today...

1) ASYLUM AMNESTY - A committee of MP's has accused the government of giving an amnesty to 160,000 asylum seekers. Vanessa talks to Keith Best; Chief Executive of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture and Sir Andrew Green; Chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank : I don't know enough about this topic to comment usefully, and I don't have the time to investigate it. On that basis, this topic is of no interest to me. Next...

2) BELL RINGERS - A pensioner was so outraged by the noise of church bells that he locked a group of bell ringers in the church. Find out more in this Guardian article (daily readership 264,000, down 8.7% in the last year) : Is this news? Jeremy will be proud of you for digging this one up! My nearest church with bells is about 4 miles away. They ring every Sunday morning, and probably at other times too. And guess what ... I can't hear them from where I live, so this is not a problem for me and consequently of no interest. Next...
3) OUTSOURCED IT - Birmingham City Council has outsourced around seventy IT jobs to India, while making people redundant in this country. The unions are fighting it, but others say if it saves taxpayers money, what's the problem? : I don't live in Birmingham, but I am sure that the residents of that fair city will make their opinions known, if only through the ballot box. Next...
4) OLYMPIC TICKETS - I didn't get my Olympic tickets. Vanessa talks to listeners Alan Curr, Tim Fuell and Richard Kirby. She also talks to Andy Swiss; BBC sports correspondent: I didn't get any Olympic tickets either, but that was probably because I didn't apply for any. No surprise that you have chosen to talk to Andy Swiss rather than somebody from the Olympics box office. After all, why would you want to get the real story from somebody who knows when you can just speak to one of your own people?
Right, back to work and 6 Music.

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