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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Today's show 30/06/11

Lying journalistic scum Johann Hari continues to make the news today ( and his world seems to be rightfully unravelling as the scale of the lies and deceit that he spread to an eager-for-news public becomes apparent. I have suggested before that you should do an item on journalism and news reporting in 2011, and what - if anything - can be done to restore its credibility. Perhaps it is just such an impossible task that it is not worthy of discussion, eh?

We have to feel sorry for Ed Miliband again today. Poor bloke. The Independent commissioned a Comres poll using pictures of some of the Labour big names and simply asked people to identify them. The results can be seen here:
. You have to wonder what Ed Miliband has to do to make an impression on the UK public, especially when 23% of those polled thought he was David Miliband. Similarly, the picture of David Miliband was identified as being Ed Miliband by 26% of those that took part. At least nobody managed to get Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper confused. So, perhaps you should be asking today: "Brothers in Government - Is it all just too confusing?".

And in the background the Awkward Miliband Moments web site ( continues to ridicule Poor Ed. Something should be done, and I can't think of anybody better than your goodself to give Poor Ed the level of credibility and respect that he deserves.

But not today apparently. Instead we have this...

1) STRIKES - As up to 750,000 teachers and civil servants go on strike over their pensions. We talk to a teacher who tells us why "she's worth it" : How about talking to her Head Teacher, or her Board of Governors to see if they think "she's worth it". After all, she is hardly likely to say "No, you're right, I'm a rubbish teacher, so don't give me the money", is she? As for the civil servants (members of PCSU) I sincerely hope that you have their leader Mark Serwotka on your programme today. Perhaps you should ask how he justifies his £112,634 salary (
) and how the strikes will affect him. We don't have children, and I'm not aware that I will be using any facilities provided by the civil service today, so this item is of no interest to me. Next...

2) SNAKES - A snake breeder was killed by the snake he loved. Does your partner keep snakes and have you persuaded them to get rid of them? : The answers to your questions, as you can probably guess, are "No" and "No", and I would imagine that 99.9% of your listeners are in the same situation. This is real target audience stuff! Next...

3) BAIL COURT RULING - Following the High Court ruling that the police can't hold suspects on bail for more than four days, the government is considering emergency legislation. But civil liberty groups are saying if the police don't have the evidence, what right have they got to lock people up? : And this discussion will achieve what, exactly? Great and clever minds are hard at work trying to conjure up a solution, but I have this strange feeling that not one of them will say "I know, let's listen to the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2, he'll tell us what to do". Next...

4) EMAIL - Finally, the future mother-in-law who sent the future daughter-in- law an email on how to behave in her house. Find out more in this Sun article : Oooohhh... second day running for a story from The Sun. Is this news? I feel that a new blog label is needed. Is The Sun the new Daily Mail, I wonder? My final question yesterday was : Can your programme get any worse than this? Predictably, it just did.

The Jeremy Vine Show - getting worse, every day

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