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Monday, 6 June 2011

Today's show 06/06/11

Welcome back Jeremy! Great to have you back, last week was absolutely dire! Not that I listened, of course.

I'm busy busy today, so let's keep it brief...

1) CHILD SEXUALISATION - The government welcomes a report that's calling for shops to stop selling clothes which sexualise children. Jeremy talks to Dr Jan MacVarish; Research associate at the Centre for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent and Telegraph journalist Cristina Odone : We have no children, so I feel totally unable to form a judgement on this and therefore it is of no interest to me. However, it sounds like banning is being suggested, so little wonder that you are discussing it today! Next...
2) COUNCIL HOUSES - Should people earning one hundred thousand pounds a year be allowed to live in a council house? Jeremy talks to Grant Schapps; Minister for Housing and Paul Dimoldenberg; Leader of the Labour Group on Westminster City Council : And let us welcome back the Daily Mail in to the fold, and after it was ignored completely last week by the abominable Ms Feltz in favour of other Dead Tree Press Preservation Society members The Independent, The Guardian, Metro and The Daily Mirror (God help us, please!). I loved the comments on the Daily Mail page you link to, particularly the ones that start with "What a load of drivel", and "DM readers are living in a dreamworld", and could not have put it better myself. Anyway, I don't earn one hundred thousand pounds a year, I don't live in a council house and I certainly don't read the Daily Mail, so how can this possibily be of any interest to me? Next...
3) ADULT ACNE - After 1 we're joined by Radio 2 doctor Sarah Jarvis to discuss adult acne. Jeremy also talks to Zoe Fletcher who suffers from adult acne : Luckily, I don't. Next...
4) HYPNOSIS - And we look at when hypnosis goes wrong : Years ago, I used to know somebody that was hypnotised in a pub show one evening and behaved like a chicken. He told me afterwards that he remembered everything, was not hypnotised and the hypnotist was a fake. He then demonstrated his chicken mimicing again for the assembled throng to prove that he could do what he did anyway, hypnotised or not. Is this what you mean by hypnosis going wrong?

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