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Friday, 24 June 2011

Today's show 24/06/11

So we return to whatever equates to "normality" today, and you're back in that there London again. For two days the Jeremy Vine Show has failed to provide any current stories to its allegedy news-hungry listeners, yet we seem to have survived unscathed. Thank goodness.

So, there must be some really hard-hitting news stories arising from the last two days, so let's take a look at what they may be...

1) LEVI BELLFIELD - Levi Bellfield is found guilty of murdering schoolgirl Milly Dowler but the case raises questions about how her family were treated in court : No doubt that this is a news story, and it is absolutely tragic in all respects, but it is not the kind of thing I want to listen to at lunchtime. Next...

2) NUCLEAR POWER - Would you like a nuclear power station to be built next to you - a boost for jobs and a way of solving energy shortages? Find out more in this Daily Mail article: Yesterday's news, and what would we do without the Daily Mail, eh? You are, of course, treating this topic in a frivolous way as nuclear power stations cannot just be built anywhere. Take a look at this BBC map Do you notice something? They are all built within easy reach of the coast as a nuclear power station needs massive amounts of water to operate. So, this question cannot possibly have any relevance to anybody who lives inland. For your information, "Bradwell, Essex" is, of course, the one on the coast near Southminster, and not the inland one near Braintree. As I wrote on 14th March, I live within 10 miles of the decommissioned Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station and within 50 miles of the still-functioning Wylfa Nuclear Power Station
. Trawsfynydd was unusual in that it was built in-land, although on the shore of a huge lake to provide its water requirement. As for Wylfa, well it looks like the decision has already been made for me. Next...

3) DUNCAN BANNATYNE - After 1, we're joined by entrepreneur and Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne who tells listeners what he thinks of their ideas for a business to power Britain's economy back to a full recovery : Not news at all, but he seems like a nice enough bloke. Is there a new series of Dragon's Den in the offing, or has he got a book out? Next...

4) TOOTHBRUSH - And do you share a toothbrush with your partner? Find out more in this Mirror article : Non-news twaddle, and from the Mirror too. Need I say more? The answer to your question is, of course: No.


I was right: Bannatyne has got a book out! How predictable.

Interesting to see that blatant advertising is now more important than The News.


I've just heard about this on 6 Music news:

The story concerns the trial of Levi Bellfield, as discussed on your programme today. Allow me to quote:

The jury considering a charge of attempted abduction against Milly Dowler's killer Levi Bellfield, has been discharged.
Lawyers for the defence highlighted comments in newspapers attributed to at least two former partners and comments in television interviews.
The judge discharged the jury and closed the case, describing some of the coverage as "deplorable".
He said the "the trigger had been pulled too soon" by the media.
Mr Justice Wilkie said he had referred the case to the Attorney General with a view to taking contempt of court proceedings.
A spokesman for Attorney General's Office said: "Media coverage following the conviction of Levi Bellfield for the murder of Milly Dowler has been referred to the Attorney General.
"He will consider whether there has been possible contempt of court."
Well, well, well. Now there's a thing. "The Media" (whoever they may be) possibly in contempt of court and causing a major upset in a serious criminal trial. Let us hope that prosecutions follow.
I look forward to you discussing this on Monday, and hearing "The Media's" explanation for their behaviour, including your own of course. I would listen to that.
Somehow I feel I am going to be disappointed.

1 comment:

Stonyground said...

Well I thought that the bar was already set pretty low by the inclusion of weddings ruined by the organist but the toothbrush thing surely sets the ultimate standard for utter mindlessness. It's just bizarre, who on earth thought that this was a worthy subject for a phone in programme on prime time national radio? Was it supposed to be funny? Do they actually think that it is an "issue that affects you" as stated in the trailer?