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Monday, 20 June 2011

Today's show 20/06/11

You had Ed Balls in the studio last week and I suggested that you should ask him about his court case. If I were a betting man I would bet that you chose not to ask him this question, which would be a shame because the Saturday papers were full of it. The Love of Your Life - The Daily Mail - has it here and says in its own inimitable style:
Another fine mess: After helping to wreck the economy, Ed Balls is ordered to pay former landlord £1,000 for filthy constituency office 
The Daily Telegraph has it here
 and is rather less sensationalist in its headline:
Ed Balls to pay £1,000 for constituency office bill

You had the man in your studio, under your control. You did take the opportunity to ask him about this, didn't you?

Anyway, here we are again on another non-news Monday, so let's see what you will be talking about today...

1) PENSION AGE FOR WOMEN - Women will have to wait until the age of sixty-six before they can receive the state pension. Some say it's about time there was parity with men, others in their late fifties are angry that they have no time to prepare : In case it has slipped your notice, I am not a woman, so this story does not apply to me. However, it will apply to my wife but she is at work today and so won't hear your programme. She did hear your programme on Friday when you were advocating the wholesale destruction of the UK wildlife food chain, apparently, and I believe she emailed you with her thoughts. She's not a great fan of your programme but I will tell her that you talked about pensions today. I'm sure she'll be thrilled. Or perhaps not. Next...

2) ED MILIBAND - A new book on Ed Miliband suggests he’s had a major falling-out with his brother over the Labour leadership. It’s even worse than we thought… Jeremy talks to Mehdi Hasan; Co-author of 'Ed: The Milibands and the Makings of a Labour Leader'. Find out more in this Independent article : We? Who are "we"? I think you are confusing me with somebody who gives a toss, to be honest. But on non-news Monday it is no surprise at all that you have dragged this story back from the dead, kicking and screaming. It was ONE WEEK AGO today that this story came to light, and I did bring it to your attention, but when the heat was on you chose to calmly ignore it. Some would say that the BBC have a pro-Labour bias. I think they are correct. It is a good job that at least one of us knows what the real news stories are, isn't it? I'm sure that Mr Hasan will be grateful for your free publicity of his tome, not that I'll be buying it. Next...

3) DISABILITY AND MINIMUM WAGE - A Tory MP Philip Davies says it might help disabled people if they could work for less than the minimum wage : Hang on, have I slipped in to a space/time continuum error? This is last week's news too! Mr Davies made his comments on Friday morning. All I can say is that I would love to earn a guaranteed minimum wage but being self-employed in a specialist and fickle industry (and I use that word in its very loosest sense) it just does not happen. In addition, and fortunately, I am not disabled so Mr Davies' views do not relate to me. Next...

4) BRIAN HAW - Brian Haw is dead. The man who set up a protest camp in Parliament Square to denounce the Iraq War for nearly a decade. His placards may have been unsightly but will you miss them? : Just remind me again ... how can I miss something that I have never seen? I think I was last in Parliament Square (my one and only visit, if I remember correctly) in the early 1980s when I passed through on my way to a Sunday morning Record Fair at a nearby hotel.
The Jeremy Vine Show : First for last week's news.


Stonyground said...

I think that your reference to a story that broke last Friday morning was a little unfair as today is the first opportunity JV had to include it.

On an earlier post you refered to the BBC's claim that the fabricated scene on Panorama was "a rare lapse..." was itself a lie. Just by chance I came across an old story in which President Obama's inaugural speech was quote-mined by the BBC to make him say, "We will restore science to its rightful place,roll back the spectre of a warming planet. We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories." These sentences were spliced together, in the wrong order, from seperate sentences from two seperate paragraphs to give the impression that Obama was giving a high priority to global warming. Pretty disgraceful I would say.

Link here:

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Hi, and thanks for your comment.

OK, I'll admit that my ramblings concerning Philip Davies may have been a bit of a Cheap Shot at JV - not that he is averse to doing the same himself. This is not a story that grasped my attention but I was aware of it from Friday's Radio 2 and 6 Music news bulletins, so I just classed it as Old News. Tie this in with the Ed Miliband story, which has been rumbling on for over a week, and I just feel that JV was not hitting the "latest news" mark that his jingles claim he broadcasts.

Thanks for the Obama stuff, I shall have a read.