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Monday, 27 June 2011

Today's show 27/06/11

I have no doubt that one of today's topics will be the collapse of Levi Bellfield's court case on Friday following the media coverage, and described by the judge as "deplorable". This was, of course, the first item on your show on Friday. How can the media defend their actions, bearing in mind the huge financial cost of a trial of this kind which has all now gone to waste? So let's just check that it is there....

1) TEACHERS STRIKE - Teachers are set to strike on Thursday. The government has called for parents to come into schools to fill the gap. Will that work? Jeremy talks to Jackie Schneider; Teacher, NUT member and parent and Rachel Agnew; Broadcaster and single mother : I'm not in education, and we have no children so this is an issue that does not affect me at all. I see (
) that the National Union of Journalists scum are going on unofficial strike (well, I'm guessing that is what "not officially striking" means) on the 30th, and which goes to prove that some strikes have their merits. even if not those intended. Let's hope their employers sack them all, and the BBC cuts the jobs it wants to. Next...

2) COMMUNAL BINS - Has your street now got a large communal bin and is it rubbish? Jeremy talks to Janet Bell, who had a shared bin moved from outside of her house and Doretta Cocks; Founder of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collections and Jeff Gazzard; Environmental Campaigner. Find out more in this Telegraph article : The Telegraph article you link to dates from 9th January 2009 ... 2 and a half years ago. Is something that old still able to be classified as news? Anyway, our personal bin was emptied at about 7am this morning, so apparently we don't have a communal bin and the answer to your question has to be "No". Next...

3) SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE - Special programme: Could Scotland break away from the UK? What will a new Scotland look like? Will they keep the Queen and the pound? Would the rest of the UK be better off with out Scotland, if they go it alone? Find out more in this Herald Scotland article : I'm not sure why there is a comma in the last question. The Herald Scotland article requires me to register to read it and, frankly, I can't be bothered. I've not been to Scotland for years, and I've no plans to go there. But good for you for talking about somewhere other than England. Next...

4) ALEX SALMOND MSP - And finally, we talk to Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond. Find out more on The Scottish Parliament Website : As I live in Wales, I hope you understand that this is of little interest to me.

So, no Levi Bellfield court case discussion then? Quelle surprise.

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