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Friday, 10 June 2011

Today's show 10/06/11

I notice you have added a "Related Links" section to your web page today (, which includes a link to Martin Lewis's web site. Could you add my blog to that section too, please? Thanks!

Following the revelations made by the Daily Telegraph today ( I was expecting you to cover this story today. Mr Balls is, of course, a former studio guest of yours and it would have been interesting for you to have him there again today to discuss this topic. But no, you've gone for the easier option and ignored it. Typical. By Monday the "heat" will be off. Yet another nail in the coffin of radio journalism.

So go on then, tempt me to listen today...
1) UNEMPLOYMENT - The government will pay private companies to find jobs for the unemployed. But are you someone who's unemployed and doesn't want a job and is working hard doing voluntary work in the 'Big Society'? : In answer to your questions: I am not unemployed. I already have a job which I am very happy with. I am not doing voluntary work in the Big Society. I think that means that this story is of no possible interest to me, doesn't it? Next...

2) PRINCE PHILLIP - Prince Philip is ninety today. Despite his reputation for gaffs and being occasionally rude to foreigners, have we now grown to love him? : I think you need to find out how many times the letter L appears in his name. Is it one, or two? You don't seem to know. In answer to your question: Do I love him? No. Do I hate him? No. Do I have any feelings about him at all? Not really. He does what he does, and that's fine by me. Your programme always takes the superlative view, so your listeners always have to "love" or "hate" something. The middle ground, probably occupied by the vast majority, is always ignored. What we need is radio for people who couldn't care less! Next...

3) ENERGY PRICES WITH MARTIN LEWIS - Scottish Power have increased gas prices by nineteen per cent and other energy companies are set to follow suit. Martin Lewis is here to give advice on how to find the best deals. Have you found a way to beat high energy costs? : In answer to your question: Yes, we have! There is this lovely chap called Martin Lewis who runs a fantastic web site called Money Saving Expert that we check regularly to see where and how we can get the best possible deals on energy, savings, insurance, etc. Thanks to his advice we moved away from Scottish Power two months ago. The man is a National Treasure and has saved and gained us many hundreds of pounds over the years. We will be eternally grateful for all that he has done. The only fly in his otherwise perfect ointment is that he appears on your programme, and the first question I would ask him would be: "Jeremy Vine, why?". Anyway, we already take his advice, so I have no cause to listen today. Next...
4) EXPLODING GLASS TABLES - And finally, spontaneously exploding glass tables. Has this ever happened to you? : It is funny that you should cover this today because ......... No, it hasn't. We don't possess a glass table. Good to see that you are ending the week with some spectacular non-news twaddle. I guess that we should not be surprised.
So, 6 Music it is then.

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