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Monday, 13 June 2011

Today's show 13/06/11

I've just had a quick scan of today's "issues that affect me" and notice that, again, you have chosen to ignore the trials and tribulations of Her Majesty's Opposition. I'm no fan of the Dead Tree Press, but I know that you are, so you MUST have seen these stories.

On Friday the Daily Telegraph published documents written by Ed Balls that proved his contempt for Blair and his support for Brown in the form of Project Volvo. I was pleased to see that Volvo Cars UK were quick to comment on this (
) and I applaud them for doing so. This is what they said:

Project Volvo - it just shows how out of touch senior politicians were.
Leaked documents labelled Project Volvo, revealed today, that outline a plot to unseat former Prime Minister Tony Blair show just how out of touch with reality senior politicians within the previous government had become with modern Britain. The reason for the name 'Project Volvo', according to reports, relates to Mr Brown's apparent character traits of being 'dependable, robust but ultimately dour'.

Clearly before labelling the plot, Labour politicians of the time hadn't acquainted themselves with the Volvo brand in the last decade with cars like the new S60 and V60 bringing a new dimension to the brand in terms of design and driver appeal.
Peter Rask, Regional President of Volvo Car UK, Ireland and Iceland, said: "If only the Labour party had been like today's Volvos - dynamic, agile and innovative - perhaps the UK economy would have been in a better place than it finds itself today!"

Despite the Telegraph's revelations being of interest to me, you chose to ignore this story and continue to do so.

The weekend's papers were full of headlines attacking Ed Miliband...
The Sunday Times : Labour Big Beasts Maul Miliband - Ed Miliband is attacked by senior Labour figures as a Sunday Times poll shows supporters believe he should not be leader
The Independent : Ed Miliband still needs to define what he stands for
The Independent : David Miliband denies leadership plot (remember the old adage, never believe anything until it is denied)
The Independent : Miliband needs to find a voice fast if he wants to be heard
The Observer : Was Ed Miliband the right choice to lead Labour?
The Observer : Ed Miliband leadership crisis fuelled by claim of growing 'feud' with brother
Daily Mail : Look out Ed, he's behind you! As Labour feud bursts into the open, David denies he's plotting to oust faltering leader
I'm sure the other weekend rags covered the story too and it might have been of interest to me, but you chose to ignore this story and continue to do so.

Now, why would that be then Jeremy? Please tell me that is nothing to do with the well-known and ongoing BBC bias about such matters. Fortunately there are other outlets for those of us that may be interested in real news, but your programme continues to ignore it and instead concentrates on non-news twaddle. I wonder when Madonna last listened to your programme.

So, let's look at the "issues that affect me" that you have chosen to discuss today:

1) NHS REFORM PROPOSALS - As the Prime Minister announces changes to the government’s NHS proposals, we speak to someone who says the coalition has just destroyed the best chance the NHS has of reform. Jeremy speaks to Lembit Opik, former Lib Dem MP, and Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor of the Daily Telegraph : Lembit Opik? What has he got to do with anything? Is he now another Rent-A-Gob like Galloway? He's only famous for one thing, and that is not being an MP. And what has Mr Hope got to do with this? Why are you not interviewing somebody from the Ministry of Health or from the NHS itself? Oh, I know... you're missing the point, as usual! You just said on Ken's show "... and it's only in England". The first sentence of your linked BBC news page says "An independent review of the planned NHS shake-up in England is expected to recommend significant changes.". England, not Wales. Therefore this is an issue that does not affect me. Next...

2) VACCINATIONS - Britain sends more vaccines to the third-world than any other country. Does that make you proud to be British? Jeremy talks to Lord Deben, Conservative Party politician : Does it make me proud? No, it doesn't. Does it make me ashamed? No, it doesn't. Once again I fall firmly in to the Not Bothered category, like the vast majority of your listeners I would suspect. I don't live in a third-world country (despite what some people think of Wales), and I do not need a vaccine, so on that basis this is an issue that does not affect me. Next...

11:40 and it's OK, I'll wait while your web page slave updates your page....

<Goes away for 10 minutes>

3) CUTTING ROAD SWEEPERS - The town of Faversham in Kent is cutting road sweepers to save money. Today we look at the joy that is road sweeping. Jeremy talks to Katie Alston, a local reporter, Councillor David Simmons, Deputy Mayor of Swale Borough Council, and Debbie Holland, co-owner of ‘Baldy Butchers’ in Faversham. Find out more in this article from the Mirror. : The Mirror? For God's sake Jeremy, please at least steal your stories from an actual newspaper. Can we look forward to "Find out more in this article from the Sun" one day? It's not happened yet to the best of my knowledge. Faversham ... that will be in England. For your information, and courtesy of Google Earth, I attach a picture of my "street". How many road sweepers should we be seeing here? We seem to manage fine with those we have, thank you. Unfortunately, this is yet another issue that does not affect me. Next...

4) SLOT MACHINES ADDICTS - Finally, as the government relaxes restrictions on slot machines, are you or your partner addicted to them? Jeremy talks to Lewis Constable, a student and former gambling addict. Find out more in this article from the Mirror : WHAT??? The Mirror AGAIN??? Can't you just tell its a Monday, eh? It is not that there is no news out there, but that you choose to ignore it because it doesn't meet somebody's (yours?) agenda. About 25 years ago I visited a Butlins holiday camp as a day visitor. While there I happened to spy a giant slot machine which probably stood 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. Up until that point I had never used a slot machine, so I thought I'd have a go on this one. I put in my 5p and pulled the handle. The reels spun, and I won £2 in 5p coins. On the basis that my slot machine spending account is very much in profit I have not used one since. Again, this is an issue that does not affect me.

The Jeremy Vine Show : Conveniently ignoring the issues that affect you.

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