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Friday, 1 July 2011

Today's show 01/07/11

That's two days running that your web page has been updated before 11am. My congratulations to whoever is finally doing their job properly.

I mentioned Ed Miliband in my missive to you yesterday. With the by-election win for Labour in Scotland I suppose he has something to celebrate today. Yesterday was slightly different in that he seemed to be conspicuous by his absence from The Meedja when the strikes were being discussed. He also failed to mention the strikes in Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday ... perhaps they slipped his mind. Anyway, his apparent unwillingness to either condemn or support the strikes left me puzzled as to what his views may be. Have you got any idea? Did you ask him when you discussed the strikes yesterday? Thought not. And then I found this ... forget the text, just watch the video:
. I have no idea who the BBC interviewer is but I am convinced that he didn't listen to a word that Poor Ed said. If he had he would have noticed that Poor Ed said almost exactly the same thing FIVE TIMES. I guess the old adage still applies: If you say it often enough somebody might just believe you.

The Johann Hari debacle rumbles on, with the discredited journalist now in danger of being stripped of his Orwell Prize for Journalism, awarded in 2008, because he concocted the text of his interviews. At least the BBC had the decency to voluntarily hand back their Television Society award that they won in connection with the Panorama programme about Primark (
). Why was that again? Oh yes, I remember... it was because a journalist MADE IT UP.

And talking of making it up, you will remember the story that cropped up recently about a dog being condemned to death by stoning in Israel. The BBC covered it in some depth, but it appears that that story was made up too (
). Allow me to quote: "We failed to make the right checks. We should never have written the article and apologise for any offence caused.". But, and as is usual in this situation, the retraction is not given anywhere near the prominence of the original article. So, no change there then.

And while we're talking of journalistic scum, there is also this one to consider (
Sun's Kelvin MacKenzie to join rival Daily Mail
Former Sun editor and 'rather disgraceful' columnist is to end long association with red-top to move to the Daily Mail

This raises three questions in my mind:
 - Will anybody notice?
 - Will we see more Sun stories featured in your programme?
 - Who cares?

So, let's look at what is being made up today...

1) PALLIATIVE CARE - A major government review into palliative care suggests that more people should be able to die at home. Would it have been better for your loved one if they had died at home? Jeremy talks to Professor Rob George; Palliative care consultant : The last few words of the first sentence on the BBC web page you link to tell me all I need to know about this item: "...after uncovering 'stunning inequities' in provision in England". England, not Wales, or Scotland, or Northern Ireland, just England. Next...

2) CLEANING - Apparently, twelve percent of people now employ a cleaner. Are you somebody that says you can't afford it, it's a waste of money and why shouldn't we clean up after ourselves? Find out more in this Telegraph article : 10 out of 10 for finding this particular piece of non-news twaddle! Anyway, I am not one of the 12 percent, I suppose we could afford it but choose not to, I have no opinion on whether it is a waste of money or not, and I do clean up after myself. There is some complex Boolean logic in your question with a suggestion that the three parts have to be ANDed together to determine the target audience, i.e. all three parts must be answered with "Yes" to meet the criteria, but my answers are sufficiently non-committall to indicate that this item will be of no interest to me. Next...

3) MARTIN LEWIS - We're joined by financial expert Martin Lewis, who asks 'do you regret opening a joint bank account with your partner?'. Take The Big Money Test : I tried to take the Big Money Test, but got bored at the fifth screen out of nine. Some of us have work to do, you know. In answer to your direct question: I do not regret opening a joint bank account - as I have never done so. Next...

4) ANDY MURRAY - Finally, with all eyes on Wimbledon, does Andy Murray have what it takes to win? : All eyes? Not mine, matey! And Andy who? Oh, it's sport. Zzzzzzzz..........

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