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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Today's show 28/07/11

Busy today, so let's get today's temptations to listen to your programme dismissed quickly. It shouldn't take long....
1) LANGUAGE ROW - A woman has launched a human rights challenge because her husband is not allowed to move here from India because he can't speak English : On Ken's show, you compared this with a UK citizen moving to Spain without any intention of learning Spanish, which is all well and good but there is a crucial difference: Immigrants to the UK are required to learn English, but immigrants to Spain are not required to learn Spanish. Rather than the UK being in the wrong, which is what I think you were inferring, perhaps the Spanish are the ones who have got this wrong. Just a thought. Fortunately, the Welsh Assembly Government have adopted the same attitude as Spain and I did not have to prove my knowledge of Welsh when I moved here, although I do know a bit. Next...

2) SYNCHRONISED BED TIMES - Is it crucial to a relationship that partners go to bed at the same time? Find out more in this Daily Mail article : Where would we be without the Daily Mail - and your goodself - telling us what is good for us, eh? I''ll bear this in mind should I ever think that my marriage is in crisis. I'll let you know when and if that ever happens. Oh, and I can't remember the last time I watched Newsnight. Next...
3) LIBYAN REBELS - The UK declares that it will recognise the Libyan rebels as the government of that country. Are we right to do this…and who are they anyway? : I was waiting for you to say "... and our studio guest will be Foreign Secretary William Hague" as he probably knows more about this than anybody else, but the words never came. I would be willing to bet that you have already been in touch with George Galloway about this, and he is ready and waiting to bank his cheque. Next...
4) VOICE - And have you ever been ridiculed for your voice? Find out more in this Guardian article : Now, let me think.... Pretty sure the answer to this one is: No.
Have you given up doing stories from The Sun?
Am I tempted to listen today? Hmmm... what do you think?


gill kerry said...

Heard kens trailor today for the first time in ages. Loved the bit where he alluded to JV having an irritating voice. And that his production team took no notice of him. Many is the time i hav been irritated by JV

Stonyground said...

The synchronised bedtime study came up as a factoid on the Steve Wright show a couple of weeks ago. He passed it around his little posse and it was universally agreed to be bollocks. After 17years of successful marriage involving assynchronous bedtimes, I have to agree. Wrighty's discussion took up about thirty seconds rather than thirty minutes, maybe there is a lesson to be drawn from that?

Will said...

Very Funny as usual.This is top of my checked sites now on a Mon-Fri;-)

I tend to listen to 'Tosser Vine' until the Blood Pressure Monitor alert goes off;-)

His Theatre story backfired on him as most people agreed with the theatre to Vine's Surprise.Off to the Arrow at 1.30pm&then to 5live for Mayo&Kermode at 2pm.Next Time I'll listen to R2 will be 9.30am Mon.

Keep up the good work;-)

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Will!