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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Today's show 05/07/11

Why is it that whenever your fellow Radio 2 jocks give a run down of what is on today they seem to be unwilling to promote your programme? A typical run-down would be:

Ken is on at 9:30 with Pop Master and Attila The Hun giving us the tracks of his years, Jeremy is at 12, Steve Wright is back at 2 with the Big Show and his guests include Vlad The Impaler, Genghis Khan and Stalin, and at 5 Simon Mayo returns with Drive Time including another confession.

You know the kind of thing. Your programme is only mentioned in a sort of half breath way. So, is there a reason, or is it just because you don't know what you are talking about?
Very, very, very busy today, so this is going to be brief...

1) BOMBARDIER - The train manufacturer Bombardier axes more than 1,400 jobs in Derby after losing a contract to build carriages for a route in southern England to the German firm Siemens : A prediction: Christian "what's the fee?" Wolmar will be your talking head for this item. He used to a "Rail Expert", but now he is described as a "Railway Commentator", which sounds like a demotion to me. I think my opinion of him is clear. Next...

2) PHONE HACKING - Police are meeting the News of the World to discuss allegations that a private investigator working for the paper hacked into the mobile phone of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler : Liars and cheats the lot of them. This is entirely in keeping what a lot of people would expect journalist scum to do. Lock them all up and throw away the key. Next...

3) ANDY KERSHAW - After 1, we're joined by broadcasters Andy and Liz Kershaw who will tell us how their strong relationship as brother and sister got them through tough times. Find out more in this Yorkshire Post article : Not news, and I really don't care, so why is this on your programme? Next...

4) FRIDGE FREEZER FIRES - And up to half a million Beko fridge freezers could be a serious fire risk in homes across the country, firefighters warn : We don't have a Beco fridge freezer, so I don't need to listen to this. So, which will you do? Will you slag off the company for making an allegedly dangerous product? Or will you praise them for bringing this rare failing to the public's attention? Now let me think which would make better cheap sensationalist radio....

UPDATE: Andy Kershaw has a new book out. More blatant advertising on the JV Show!

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