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Friday, 29 July 2011

Today's show 29/07/11

If I may, I'd like to go back to yesterday's item about mismatched bed times. Valued blog contributor Stonyground  posted this comment yesterday evening, and with which I can only agree:
"The synchronised bedtime study came up as a factoid on the Steve Wright show a couple of weeks ago. He passed it around his little posse and it was universally agreed to be bollocks. After 17years of successful marriage involving assynchronous bedtimes, I have to agree. Wrighty's discussion took up about thirty seconds rather than thirty minutes, maybe there is a lesson to be drawn from that?".

1) PHONE HACKING AMNESTY - As we learn that the mother of murder victim Sarah Payne may have had her phone hacked, we ask if it's time for a hacking amnesty: no prosecutions in return for the truth : A vote - we've not had one of those for ages. Trust you to come up with this. A real case of one rule for one (journalists), and another rule for everybody else. Here's an alternative suggestion: Tell them that there is an amnesty, get their evidence, and then cancel the amnesty. This would give the journalists the same amount of respect that they give to their victims and readers. What could possibly go wrong? My answer to your question is, of course, a resounding "No". Punish them, punish them all, punish them hard. Lethal injection should do nicely, or hanging. Will I miss them? Not one bit. Scum, the lot of them. And I bet you don't mention Trinity Mirror or Piers Morgan. Who needs the full story, eh? Next...

2) FORCED OUT OF THE THEATRE - The father of an autistic child says they had to leave a musical after staff complained about the boy making noises : "Find out more at BBC News online" it says, so I did. The first piece of relevant information is "who they claim was asked to leave a theatre because he was making too much noise". Hmmm... you use the word "forced", but the parents concerned used "asked to leave". Not exactly the same thing, is it? The second piece of relevance is this "A spokesman for the Ambassador Theatre Group said: "We take our customers' welfare very seriously and are currently looking into what happened. Until that process has been completed it would be inappropriate to make any further comment.". Sounds fair enough to me, but it doesn't make good sensationalist radio, does it? And I don't need to hear it, thank you. Next...

3) BED & BREAKFASTS - And after 1 in Your Money and Your Life, how to set up a bed and breakfast - what every prospective owner should know : Hang on, I need to make a quick phone call..... <makes phone call to wife at work> OK, back now. I've just checked and, apparently, we have no plans to set up a bed and breakfast establishment. Just out of curiousity, what percentage of your audience do you think will be interested in this item? Four decimal places should suffice. Next...

12:10 and no sign of a fourth story on your web page ... I'll come back in a bit.

<Goes away for 10 minutes>

Still nothing. I've got better things to do than sit here waiting for somebody to do their job, so Twitter to the rescue! From your feed:

4) NORWAY - Norwegian singer Anita Skorgan (album: 'Adventus') sings live from Oslo after Norway's awful week : Thanks, but I'll be listening to Stuart Maconie by then.

Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Monday for the weekly scraping of the news barrel.


Rather than just continuing with your blatantly biased bashing of Murdoch, why don't you switch your viewpoint to cover the atrocities occuring in your own particular Ivory Tower? Try these two for starters:
Go on, I dare you, and I'd listen to that.

The BBC is the biggest and blackest Pot when compared to Murdoch's kettle.

Bias - alive and well at the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

1 comment:

gill kerry said...

Did anyone else notice kens thinly disguised contempt? No he had never dreamed of opening a B and B. JVs assumpfion that we had all dreamed about it. Nightmares more likely. A friend ran one in ludlow once was so tie-ing. Also i was at a theatre once and there was a very nousy member of the audience whooping and hollering. Turned out to be sue pollard! Dont want reminding of that! And as for JV in his marigolds doing the washing up... words fail me.
Ffunny how this norwegian nobody has heard of has an albhm out. Seems in v poor taste ti get publicity out of a masacre