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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Today's show 26/07/11

Mmmmm.... bacon sandwich.

Odd, isn't it, that two such simple ingredients - bread and bacon - can combine to make something so delicious and definitely more flavoursome than its component parts. I used smoked back bacon and crusty brown bread, although I know that white bread seems to be the UK's favourite for such a delicacy. Perhaps here we have a subject worthy of discussion on your show. Going in to detail you could discuss: -
 - Which bacon is best? Smoked, or unsmoked? Back, middle, streaky or vegetarian?
 - How should it be cooked? Soft and pink? Or brown and crispy?
 - Which bread is best? White or brown? Crusty or soft? Slices or baps?
 - Butter? Spread? Or Nothing?
 - Which sauce, if any? Red? Or Brown?

It is one of those mystical issues that affect the huge proportion of the UK population, including myself. I'd listen to that.

Interesting to see British Freedom giving you grief on Twitter this morning. I love it when people give you grief, whether I agree with them or not. As all of their tweets have now vanished from your feed I can only assume that you have blocked them. Isn't it dreadful when somebody disagrees with you? Tsk.

Talking of Twitter, one of my valued blog contributors drew my attention to the similarity of your Twitter picture:

to this:

Coincidence, or deliberate? Tee hee!

So, I wonder which issues that affect me you are going to be talking about today...

1) UK ECONOMY - As official figures show that the economy grew by only 0.2 per cent between April and June, is it time for the Chancellor to come up with a Plan B - and what should it be? Jeremy talks to Venetia Thompson; Journalist, former city broker and author, Lindsey German from the Coalition of Resistance, economist Dr Tim Leunig and Tom Clougherty; Executive Director of the Adam Smith Institute : Dull, dull, dull. You have been listening to Ed Balls again, haven't you. Next...

2) POWER KITE DEATH - A man dies in Bedfordshire after being dragged into the air by his power kite. Jeremy talks to Gareth Lloyd; BBC reporter Three Counties Radio and Alex Evans from Norfolk Power Kite Club. Find out more in this Telegraph article : You asked on Twitter: Have you see these v powerful kites in your area and been worried by them? Well, yes, I have, many times. They can be found at many of the lovely beaches in this area. Up until today I have not been worried about them, but on your suggestion I will start to be worried from 12:00 today and will correspondingly not sleep tonight. Or will I? To be honest Jeremy, I am more worried about crossing the road. When are you going to discuss that? Oooh, and I see that ZerofonOriginal has commented on Twitter: I am part of team that teaches power-kiting to Scouts of all ages-we have an excellent safety record. Leave us alone prat! Nicely put, and I would echo their sentiments. Next...

3) THE FAR RIGHT IN THE UK - Should we worry about the far right in the UK? The police and security services are re-examining the threat following the Norway massacre. Jeremy talks to Andrew Gilligan; Columnist for the Daily Telegraph, and Anthony Glees; Director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence at the University of Buckingham : Knowing as well as I do the BBC's corporate stance on religion and politics I have no doubt that this will turn into the usual propaganda that emanates from a supposedly unbiased state broadcaster, so I will not be listening. Next...

4) JUNK MAIL - And do you heat your home by burning junk mail? Find out more in this Telegraph article : I think you are confusing me with somebody who is not registered with the Mailing Preference Service. We don't receive any junk mail so the answer to your question has to be "No", and we have no plans to do so.

Today's show in four words:
Boring. Accusatory. Biased. Twaddle.
No. Need. To. Listen.


Stonyground said...

On the subject of growth in the economy it should be mentioned that pretty much every day there is a news story on the radio saying one of the following. The economy is growing faster/slower than expected, inflation is higher/lower than expected, retail sales were higher/lower than in the same period last year or house prices are rising/falling. These indicators are no doubt useful to financiers or people at the treasury, but to normal people they really have no relevence at all.

Anonymous said...

Vegetarian bacon is not bacon at all!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

The odd thing about vegetarian bacon is that has a smell and taste much stronger than real bacon! Not that my experience of it is great, you understand.

Stonyground said...

Our computer at work has a nanny program that seems to block things totally at random. the top image of JV is blocked by nanny but the Basil Fawlty image is not. I have no idea why, especially considering that the company is German owned.