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Monday, 11 July 2011

Today's show 11/07/11

And finally, at 12:15, your web page is updated to show the topics up for discussion today, and only after a prompting email from me.

Did you know that you got a special mention on Graham Norton's Saturday morning show. Please allow blog reader Stonyground to take up the story....

I caught a bit of the Graham Norton show today on the car radio. A guy comes on to do a run down on the various sporting activities that are occuring over the weekend. Along with the motor racing, womens' football and ODI cricket we have to have the trivial item which this week is pea shooter championships. On being informed that dried peas are no longer used but some other kind of seed that is more aerodynamic, GN opines "Ooh you could have someone's eye out and then Jeremy Vine will be doing a phone in about it on Monday.".

It would appear that JV's co-workers at Radio 2 are very much aware of the intellectual level of his usual subject matter.

Discussion topic suggestion: Have you ever been injured in a pea shooter accident and what effect did this have on your relationship with your pea shooting colleagues?
Perhaps that explains why "... and Jeremy is at 12 ..." is all we hear in what's-coming-up trailers.

So let's see what I will be missing today:

1) RUPERT MURDOCH - We debate whether Rupert Murdoch's bid to own the whole of BSkyB is dead in the water : You are obsessed. That is the only word for it. Here is a private company going about its lawful business yet its activities have to be micro-analysed by the BBC. If I don't like what they are doing I can choose to not spend any money with them. If only that option were available for the BBC! Jeremy, this story is only of importance to you and those in your industry. Personally I could not care less. However, my friends over at the TV Licensing blog (
) have finally obtained an admission from the BBC that evidence from TV detector vans has never been used to prosecute somebody for failing to buy a licence. Now that sounds like deception to me, and surely a topic worthy of debate on your programme. Pigs preparing for take-off....! Next...

2) RAOUL MOAT - Raoul Moat's family and friends paid tribute on the anniversary of his death. Find out more in this Mirror article : So what? That this is a story from the Mirror says it all. Next...

3) SOUTHERN CROSS - Does the collapse of Southern Cross suggest the state is better at running things than the private sector, or the 'Big Society'? : I have no idea, or interest, thank you, but the interesting sentence on the linked BBC news page is this one: "About 250 of the homes will immediately begin to be transferred to other operators.", suggesting that the private sector does still have a part to play. Nice use of "Big Society" there, revealing that the temptation for a bit of government bashing was just to good to resist. Next...

4) PARKINSON'S DISEASE - And finally, we talk to a man with Parkinson's disease, who refuses to be defined by his disability : Good for him, and good to see that there are still people around who do not need to be told what to think, despite your best efforts.
The Jeremy Vine Show - struggling to fill two hours on a Monday


gill kerry said...

Can' t agree re Murdoch. Lawful business doesnt jnclude phone hackjng, giving bungs to police etc. Allegedly. Trouble is the great british public tklerated murdochs papers untul the milly dowler business, now its different. I hope his house of cards falls down. If all these allegations are true then he is certainly not fit and proper to take over sky bsb and thw decision should be put in hold.
On a lighter note lived the bit about GN!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

You make a fair point about Murdoch - thank you. However, no prosecutions have been made and, to the best of my knowledge, none are even pending.

I hope his house of cards falls down too, and I would agree that if the allegations are true then he is not fit to take over BSkyB, but that is not the case at the moment.

At the moment then, doesn't that make his business lawful? Until proven otherwise, of course.

gilk kerry said...

The problem is that if he is given control now it will be too late after an enquiry/police jnvestigations have taken place. Whether one man/corporation should weild so much power is of course another matter! Agree bout BBC lengthy stirring the pot tho. Good days to bury bad news methinks