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Monday, 25 July 2011

Today's show 25/07/11

No surprises at all about what you are discussing today. Let me explain why I won't be listening...

1) NORWAY MASSACRE - We speak to the Norwegian singer-songwriter Anita Skorgan on how a peaceful, civilised country is coming to terms with a massacre that has claimed the lives of nearly one hundred people : I'd rather not comment on this story, other than to say it was an absolutely tragic event. Next...

2) ENERGY COMPANIES - Customers should be compensated for energy companies using "Del Boy" sales tactics to sign them up on the doorstep. Find out more in this Independent article : I find that "Go away" followed by shutting the door in their face works quite well. Next...

3) AMY WINEHOUSE - How should you help a friend who seems bent on self-destruction? We reflect on the death of Amy Winehouse : Another tragic death, especially at such a young age, and Amy unfortunately joins the ranks of other skilled musicians who died at the age of 27 (
). However, I was not a fan of her music or her lifestyle so feel no need to listen. Perhaps you might like to discuss why her record sales have soared since Saturday, as surely her real fans will already have her music in their collections. And in answer to your question: I don't have a friend with that condition. Next...

4) SLEEP APNOEA - And we talk to a man who was acquitted of killing someone due to dangerous driving because he argued he was suffering from sleep apnoea : And yet another tragic death. You recently tweeted "Lorry driver with sleep apnoeia (sic) crashed into and killed 25-yr-old. His father will come on with the trucker". It all sounds a bit fraught to me, I'm afraid.

All very depressing.

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