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Friday, 22 July 2011

Today's show 22/07/11

I'm very busy today, so just a quick one...

It was another busy day on my blog yesterday, with 117 page views - see attached graph. It was also a unique today as, for the very first time and after 7 months and 5248 page views, one of my readers took me to task for what I write every day (other than for a factual error which I made a few months ago). Obviously, I have no idea who that person was but if they are reading here again today then I will repeat my thanks for what they said. Unlike yourself, I am open to free speech and critcism and I have taken on-board what they said. I knew it would happen one day, but I feel rewarded that it has taken so long for this to happen. Whether I act on it remains to be seen. 

So what can you tempt me with today? No fabricated outrage over Murdoch again I see...

1) SECOND BAILOUT FOR GREECE - Stock markets and politicians have welcomed the eurozone's second bailout for Greece, but is it time to go in the opposite direction and allow the euro to fail? : Sorry, question too difficult. Ask me one on pop music. Next... (The link given on the JV web page was a duplicate for the next item and did not link to a BBC news page about the Greek bailout)

2) TRAGIC LEARNER DRIVER DEATH - A woman has died after her seventeen year old daughter, who was a learner driver, accidentally reversed a car into her : A tragic accident, but I'm not sure what there is to discuss. I predict that this will turn in to one of your famous "Tell us something that happened when you reversed a car" items and, as usual, not actually achieve very much. Next...

3) WRITING A WILL - After 1, we discuss how to avoid getting ripped off by a will writer : I've already done that, and I didn't get ripped off, thanks. You said on Ken's show "Among the people offering to write wills are cowboys". Cowboys? What, cowboys like this? Next...
4) TERRY WALTON - And we catch up with Terry Walton on the Jeremy Vine Show allotment : Could you ask him what the best use is for tons and tons of BBC anti-Murdoch bullshit? There seems to be a lot of it about.
No reason to listen today then, so it will be 6 Music from 12.
Have a great weekend everybody, and please feel free to leave your comments (including you Jeremy). I promise to publish them all provided they do not contain bad language.


gill kerry said...

I have often wondered where the JV show allotment is. Is it next to the blue peter garden? Seriously 'tho keep up the good work. I only hav to listen to JV at the dentist these days instead of the whole 2 dreary hours, enlivened only ny my shouts to the radio, now i no longer work in an office. Bring bak JY I say!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Gill, very much appreciated.

When I last spoke to JV I asked him if anybody else did anything like this. He told me that he gets a number of "F-off you w@nk3r" type emails every day, but nobody examines his show each day as forensically (his word) as I do. He also told me that my name is known by all of his team and by most others at BBC Western House and that he does read my emails but he is unable to respond due to the restrictions that are imposed by the BBC. He thanked me for keeping my emails respectful (i.e. no bad language) while making my point as strongly as I could.

One change I have noticed this year though is the disappearance of "We read to today in the papers..." which he used with monotonous regularity in his trail on Ken's show. I can't remember the last time I heard in same that. Perhaps I have had a small influence there.

Feargalthecat said...

JV has managed to have a pop at Murdoch/NI,from his position in the media monopoly funded by our tax, even when the subject matter is apparently totally unrelated. I had the misfortune to catch a little of the gardening part of the show today and the gardener had a dig! (pardon the pun). Keep up the good work, I try and avoid the show as I find the 11.30 slot on Ken Bruce is more than enough.

Anonymous said...

BBC restrictions not to reply!!?? Wonder if JV will report on the recent scientific review where Steve Jones, a talking head and scientist, says BBC shud not give climate change 'deniers'. (SIC) Surely this is censorship too? What about the untruths al gore peddled and the head of th climate change org is allegedly involved in the carbon rxchange industry. Just wondered. Not that i dont think we shud rely on oil and that its noot a bad thing to expend less but this stiffles debate. And does not Steve Jones hav his own interest?

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

More details here: