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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Today's show 27/07/11

Hmmm... no discussion on bacon butties then.
You know there are people out there who think that your show is "entertainment", but I would beg to differ. Let's look quickly at today's evidence and see if we can find anything of interest and that might be classed as entertaining...

1) INCAPACITY BENEFIT - The government says the vast majority of incapacity benefit claimants are assessed as fit to work in its new test, but are you one of those who think you're too sick to do a job? : In answer to your question: No, I am not, fortunately, so why do you think I would want to listen to this? Next...

2) SURVIVING THE NORWEGIAN MASSACRE - We discuss the extraordinary text message exchange between a mother and her daughter who was hiding from the Norwegian gunman. How do the survivors cope? : It is items like this that make me wonder about radio broadcasts in other countries. You will remember the tragic shootings in Hungerford and Dunblane, but do you know if Norwegian radio devoted 30 minutes of prime time on their most popular national radio network to discuss what the victims and survivors went through? I would guess that both events would have been mentioned on news bulletins, but I would also guess that they were not examined in the forensic and intimate way that you think could possibly be of interest to me. Yes, the events in Norway were tragic. Yes, I hope they are never repeated. Yes, they are certainly newsworthy. Yes, the daughter's behaviour was touching. But no, I do not need to be told every detail as I can read all I need to know on the BBC news web pages, should I choose to do so. Perhaps what you should be looking at is the BBC's coverage of the events in Norway, and the bias and spin that they have blatantly attached to their reporting of same. Ah, I forgot, the BBC is sacrosanct and can do no wrong. Yeah, right. Next...

3) U.S DEBT - As America tries to tackle its monstrous debt, we look at where it all went wrong for the US : What would you like me to do about it? What are you going to do about it? Let's both do the same: Nothing! Next...

4) LEVI BELLFIELD - And we discuss the bus stop killer, Levi Bellfield : Hmmm... a news story from 3 days ago. Obviously the burning of junk mail is more important. Justice has run its course, so other than to give further sympathy to the victims' families, what is there to discuss? Oh look, on Twitter you wrote: We know Levi Bellfield killed three. But what about him before he started killing? Journo Geoffrey Wansell has written book on LB. So this is an advert for Mr Wansell's book then ... I understand now. From his own web site ( I learnt that "Geoffrey Wansell is a London based author and free-lance journalist, who now works principally for the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph.". Ahhh, the Daily Mail. It is all starting to make sense now. Could you give him a message for me, please? Just tell him that I won't be buying his book. Thanks.
Right, I'm off to find some anti-depressants, or a bacon sandwich.

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