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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Today's show 12/07/11

Can we guess what the lead story will be today? Will it be more accusations against News International, I wonder, or will it be the BBC's backtracking about a commitment they made? Let's see...

1) GORDON BROWN - In new revelations, Gordon Brown claims there was a conspiracy between News International and the criminal underworld to discredit him, in order to obtain the medical records of his young boy Fraser and his personal bank details. Jeremy talks to Wilf Stevenson; Labour Peer in the House of Lords, Alistair Campbell; Former Labour press secretary, Sally-Anne Poole; Investigations manager at the Information Commissioner's Office and Mike Richards; Former private investigator : Gordon who? Oh yes, I remember him...

The important word in your description is, of course, "claims". The important word on the BBC news web page is "alleged". Until such words as "accuses" and "prosecution" appear then, in my mind, there is no story here and you will waste your listeners time with yet another journey to the Land of Speculation and Conjecture.

Interesting that you have got Campbell as a contributor on this item: What a short memory you and your BBC colleagues have! This was the man who back in 2003 famously berated the BBC in an appearance before a House of Commons committee, and later during a Channel Four interview, yet here he is now behaving as the new darling of the BBC. I'm not sure who is being more hypocritical here, you or Campbell. Anyway, the last time I listened to anything he said (something to do with WMD, if I remember correctly) it turned out to be a lie, so I could not possibly trust him to tell me anything that is either truthful or interesting.
So why haven't you got Gordon on your programme? Oh yes, he doesn't like you, does he? Perhaps he should raise the subject in parliament, but that would mean actually turning up and doing his job though so it is not going to happen.
For your information, the BBC's backtracking is described in the Daily Telegraph (

Anger as BBC backtracks on promise over stars' salaries
The BBC has infuriated ministers by reneging on a promise to publish detailed information about the salaries of its top stars.

A good day to bury bad news, don't you think?
Ken just asked a good question: "Will the public lose interest?". As one who does not pay one single penny specifically to obtain "news" I can assure you that this particular member of the public lost interest in the sordid activities of all news organisations a long, long time ago. Next...

2) BELFAST RIOTS - As loyalists celebrate the Battle of the Boyne at the height of the marching season, last night trouble erupted between young loyalists and nationalist gangs : It happens. Every year. What are you going to do about it? Next...

3) TODDLER DEATH - A twenty-two month old toddler has drowned in a leisure club pool in Salford : Tragic. Next...

4) SPOON-BILLED SANDPIPER - And finally, a wildfowl charity travels to the north-east corner of Russia, in order to save a rare species of sandpiper. How much effort is it worth to protect a bird that is virtually extinct? : What a stupid question! How much effort? As much as they want to, that's how much! Their money, their people, their freedom of choice. Fortunately for me it is not much effort at all to switch to 6 Music at 12.

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Stonyground said...

There is a pretty good take down of the dead tree press here.

The problem, I suppose, is that lots of people prefer celebrity gossip and made up stuff.