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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Today's show 07/07/11

And as the BBC descends in to hysteria and apoplexy, let's take a look at today's dose of News Entertainment...

1) PHONE HACKING SCANDAL - Are the News of the World phone hacking allegations the equivalent for journalists to the MPs expenses scandal? Which should the public feel more let down by? : Again, I need more than one paragraph today...

Some years ago, there used to be a TV advert for McCain oven chips where a little girl was asked by here sister which she preferred: Daddy or Chips? ( You seem to be asking much the same question today, but the answer is easier: MPs are elected and accountable to their constituents. The only accountability that journalist scum are interested in concerns how much they can fiddle out of their own expenses.

Perhaps you are starting to realise why I and many others do not trust ANYTHING that The Media attempts to tell us these days. Jeremy, irrespective of phone hacking THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM for you and your ilk. What can be done to restore (or create in my case) the public's faith in what you say? And it is no surprise to see that BBC heavyweights Nick Robinson and Robert Peston cannot agree on the reporting of this story ( If nothing else, this shows that they consider the reporting (and who did it first) more important than the story itself. Scum.

The BBC is not immune to dubious and illegal activities, with the phone vote rigging scandal being perhaps the most memorable of recent times. Pot, kettle and black?

As you are a journalist I cannot trust you to tell me anything, so I won't be listening. Tell me, what is it like being a journalist at the moment? Can you feel the hate? Next...

2) BARBECUE ACCIDENTS - Have you suffered a barbecue accident? : Yes, I once burnt some beefburgers, but we ate them anyway. Does that count? You just said on Ken's show, "Whether she went to sleep or not I don't know". That sounds like poor research to me. Perhaps you should do some investigation and find out. Or, you could just make it up. Next...

3) OVERNIGHT CARE - A disabled former ballerina is denied an overnight carer to help her use a commode. It's said it would cost £22,000 a year. Is that a price worth paying for her dignity - or too much to spend on one person in straightened times? : I have no idea, or interest. Next...

4) ANTI-DEPRESSANTS - A new study suggests a third of British women have taken anti-depressants. Are they prescribed too readily? In some cases, would it have been better to put away the Prozac and just feel sad? Find out more in this Daily Mail article : I am not a woman and I have never taken Prozac. We can only be grateful that that bastion of true virtue, exceptional reporting and fantastic journalism The Daily Mail is managing to keep a firm grip on reality while the other members of the Dead Tree Press Preservation Society disappear up their own backsides in an attempt to rubbish one of their own. Where would your programme be without it?


Lembit Opik? I know what he was, but can you just remind what he is now and why what he says should be of any concern to me?

He appeared as a TV game show contestant on Pointless Celebrities last night. Never has a TV progamme had a more accurate title.


gill kerry said...

Love it.! Also, noticed how Jezza tried to put on a sad voice when talking bout prozac! Maybe these women hav been listening to the JV prog! Wen Ken said 'JV hes your man', i shouted 'no he isnt'

feargalthecat said...

Agree with your comment viz politicians v journalists. Neither do much good. I'm still waiting for the JV show to mention that when the Gruadian (aka the BBC in-house paper) ran a graph showing Murdoch's purchase of BSkyB would give him 22% of the market it somehow failed to point out the same graph showed the BBC (uniquely funded by £4Bn in annual tax) already had 38% of the same market!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thank you!

Feargal: I've already pointed out the BSkyB vs BBC imbalance to him, see 3rd March entry:
Needless to say, he ignored it!