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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Today's show 20/07/11

(Late today due to JV web page not being updated until 12:20)

I guess that there is a price to pay for your new-found enthusiasm for Twitter, in that today's topics were posted there at about 09:30 this morning, yet here we are at 11:40 and your web page has not been updated with the same information. As updating both seems to be a bit too much for you, here is a serious offer of help: Send me the details of what you are planning to discuss and I will write your web page text for you. I promise to be objective, realistic and write without any sensationalism or hyperbole. Give me access to your web page and I'll even upload and publish it for you. I would make no charge for this service. You know where I am. What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, at 09:35 the topics according to Twitter were: "Today's programme in four words: Murdoch. Libya. Euro. Famine.", but your web page readers are being kept in suspense. I'll come back in a bit...

<Goes away for 15 minutes>

11:55 and still no update. Is this what we pay our TV Licence Tax for?

<Goes away for 10 minutes>

12:05, still nothing.

<Goes away again>

Finally, at 12:20, we have four good reasons not to listen today....

1) SYMPATHY FOR MURDOCH? - Were you convinced by Rupert Murdoch's performance? He is, after all eighty. Did you feel sorry for him, or was it just one big act? We speak to Age UK : Age UK are one of the UK's leading charities and do all sorts of fantastic work, yet on Ken's show you said "Help The Aged, or whatever they are called these days". Do you consider it acceptable that a leading broadcast journalist cannot remember the name of a major UK charity? Do you still go in to your local sweet shop and ask for a Marathon bar? As for Murdoch, well it is plainly obvious that the BBC will not be happy until both Murdochs have stakes thrust through their hearts, are shot with a dozen silver bullets and then crucified before being hung, drawn and quartered. And I bet your heart sank when Mr Marbles attempted to thrust the flan in his face, as in an instant Murdoch Senior changed from being a Billionaire Media Tycoon in to a fragile old man who was the victim of an unprovoked assault. He will have gained a lot of sympathy for that. Next...

2) MEDIA COVERAGE: MURDOCH OR FAMINE? - As the famine in Somalia becomes official, are you angry that the foam in Murdoch's face is getting more coverage than thousands of people starving to death? : A good question, with a simple answer: Because stories about famines do not sell newspapers or boost listener and viewer figures, and the demise of Murdoch is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING that has ever happened in the history of the world, apparently. Once again, you are distancing yourself from your beloved Media, even though you are part of it. How can you do that? Hypocrisy is alive and well on the JV Show! So, what are you going to do about the famine then? Can we look forward to seeing the launch of The Jeremy Vine Appeal for Famine Relief? I'll send you £20 if you do. Next...

3) EUROPEAN ECONOMICS - As the Euro teeters on the brink, we take you on a journey round Europe's capitals. If the Euro economies collapse, does Britain fall with it? Find out more in this Economist article : You described this on Ken's show as "The Euro, again another story that is not being reported because of a custard pie". Excuse me, but it was YOUR PROGRAMME that has also jumped on the Murdoch Media Band Wagon and chose not to report this story until now. Please just get off your "holier than thou" high horse. In answer to your question, I have no idea, no time to find out and insufficient influence to do anything about it. Do you? Next... (The link given on the JV web page was a duplicate of the BBC famine story and did not link to The Economist)

4) TRIBUTE FM - We speak to the man that runs the rebel radio station in Libya. How do you broadcast when you're under attack? Find out more in this Guardian article : Again, you described this on Ken's show as "... the equivalent of my show in Libya ...". Those poor people. Not only do they have to endure bombs, bullets, civil unrest and an over-bearing dictator but they also have to endure somebody on their radio talking about wheelie bins, poor parking, handbags, polytunnels and nicking stories from the Libyan equivalent of the Daily Mail. No wonder Libya is in such a mess.

I've just noticed that I am no longer following @theJeremyVine and seem to be prevented from doing so. I wonder if this is a technical fault (although I seem to be able to follow anybody else that I wish to) or whether it is just a case of you not liking what I say. I hope it is not the latter as that would surely be suppression of my free speech as a member of the public (i.e. me) to a public figure (i.e. you) who is forever encouraging me to "tell me what you think" and who then tries to tell me what I should be thinking. Criticism is a stock-in-trade of your show, and it is such a shame that you want to be immune from it. My blog soared through 5000 page views yesterday, so my criticism will continue. See you on Twitter, even if the conversation is now one-sided.

And finally, today's programme in four words:
Murdoch. Bias. Continues. Unabated.
Nothing. Of. Interest. Today.
I. Won't. Be. Listening.
Get. Off. My. Radio.
6. Music. Much. Better.

1 comment:

Stonyground said...

I gawped with disbelief when he came out with 'everyone is just going on about Murdoch and not mentioning the famine'. Pot, let me introduce you to the world's blackest kettle.