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Monday, 8 August 2011

Complaint response 03/08/11

Thanks for emailing us about the web updates for the Jeremy Vine show. We always aim to get the updates live online as soon as we have confirmation of the stories and the guests who will feature. The show is a news programme so details can change up to the last minute as the agenda changes, guests sometimes drop out or there maybe technical difficulties with getting guests to remote studios. 
The information was indeed published later than usual on the day you mention. We apologise for this. This was because whilst we had all the information we needed we then had some technical errors in our web publishing system that meant that the pages were not being published correctly.
It is worth mentioning that Jeremy Vine always talks about what is coming up on his show at 1130 when he talks to Ken Bruce or Zoe Ball in the show before - this is probably the most up to moment information you can get on the status of the show, the stories that will be covered and the guests that will feature.
I can't really comment on the Twitter issue - the account is Jeremy Vine's personal account and is not an official BBC Twitter account. Whilst Twitter is a very interesting social media platform we don't generally use it as a sole or priority means of informing the audience of information 'coming up' on the network.
Many thanks for taking the trouble to email us.
Pxxxx Mxxxxxxx on behalf of Radio 2 Interactive

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