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Friday, 26 August 2011

Today's show 26/08/11

Busy today, so quickly...

Today's issue that affects me: Why do I always get the impression that Ken Bruce treats your programme with complete disdain?

As I do, of course, and for good reason I feel...

1) OBESITY - Around forty per cent of us could be obese in twenty years' time. We speak to someone who says the problem is so serious that we need to stigmatise fat people : You just said on Ken's show "I never believe these predictions" (even though it was published in The Lancet) so why are you discussing it? Hardly the basis for an unbiased discussion, is it? When I used to work on computer systems years ago there was an old saying: Garbage In, Garbage Out. That same prognosis applies equally well to humans as it does to computers. I rarely eat "fast food", and it is many years since I last ate anything that could be construed as being a "ready meal", so hopefully I will be OK and your discussion will not mean anything to me. As for stigmatising fat people, I'd rather be fat than be a newspaper journalist. Next...

2) SCRAP METAL - A disabled six year old has lost his walking frame to a scrap metal thief. Is it now impossible to leave anything metal in the front garden - even for a few moments? : This is a real problem, and one of which I am only too aware. The main part of the problem does not lie with the people who take the metal but with the scrap merchants who will exchange it for cash with no questions asked. Thefts would be reduced if it were made more difficult to get the material in to the scrap metal process, and the easiest way to do that is to make each delivery traceable. There is a government e-petition on this subject (
Something needs to change, but - as usual - you will only talk about it and I feel that I already know enough on this topic. I had dealings with many scrap metal merchants 25 years ago, and I never met one with conscience. Next...

3) COMMUNITY BUSINESSES - The local shop closes. Is the solution people-power? In Your Money and Your Life, we discuss shops and pubs being run by the community : Local shop? If only! There has never been one in our village, and there is not the clientele to support one. There is a house nearby marked "The Old Post Office" but that has been a private residence for at least 30 years. Next...

4) TERRY WALTON - And we catch up with our allotmenteer, Terry Walton - in Madeira : Oh good, our Bank Holiday weekend is complete.
The Jeremy Vine Show - pointless radio at its most pointless

1 comment:

Stonyground said...

Yes, according to the gospel of JV, being a bit plump is just as irresponsible as drunk driving. not only that, JV can actually distinguish between lead flashing from a demolition site and lead from a church roof. Incidentally when we used to (legally) weigh in scrap from work, we used to have to provide an address and the registration number of our vehicle.