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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Today's show 09/08/11

Busy today, so briefly...

I'll cover the first three (of five!) stories together today...

1) VIOLENT DISORDER - As violent disorder spread across London and other parts of the UK, we ask: Why are our cities on fire and our youth engaged in civil disorder?

2) FIGHTING THE RIOTERS - It’s said that we’re a nation of shop keepers and it’s small shops and businesses which have been burned and looted. But now a group of shop owners are saying they will not be defeated. Find out more in this video from the Guardian.
3) ARMY - The leader of Croydon Council has called for the army to be brought in

I was perhaps a little dismissive of the riots yesterday, but fortunately I am far enough away to not be directly affected by what is going on. However, we have two family members living in north London, and we are anxious for their safety. My thoughts go out to everybody who has been hurt, made homeless or lost property. Action obviously needs to be taken, not just by the police but by the residents of these areas. Somebody must know who the rioters are. I know what I would do but, and like you, I have no influence on what happens.

It is good to see that item 2 uses the word "rioters". The BBC has been rightly criticised for referring to the participants as "protesters" yet it was not made clear what they were protesting about. The Daily Telegraph covers this here
. Is this the BBC's own version of political correctness gone mad? Next...

4) BURIED ALIVE - A 15 year old girl is buried alive on the beach after digging a tunnel in the sand : Good to read that she survived. Banning the digging of holes on sandy beaches is surely the only answer. Or maybe not. Next...

5) NANCY WAKE - Resistance fighter Nancy Wake dies at the age of 98. She fought the Nazis with her bare hands. Was your granny a war hero? : Sorry, but no. They were both heroines.

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gill kerry said...

crikey, JV goes on holiday and it all kicks off. Seriously 'tho, we could do with a few more Nancy Wakes at the moment