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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Today's show 24/08/11

Another day, another JV show, another email ... will it ever end?
Today's issue that affects me: A lot of people suffer from cold feet in bed, but I experience the opposite - hot feet - and sometimes it can stop me sleeping. Are hot feet a good thing, or a bad thing?
So what can you tempt me with today then? It doesn't look good...
1) THE LOCKERBIE BOMBER - As Gadaffi's Libya starts to fall apart, does America now have the right to extradite the convicted Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Baset al- Megrahi? : Again, I was expecting you to say on Ken's show "... and on the phone to discuss his release we will have Alec Salmond and Gordon Brown ..." but it never came, as usual. As for your question, I think you'll find that America can do exactly what it likes within international law, and nothing discussed or decided today on your programme will have any influence on what they do. So, the point of this discussion is what, exactly? Next...

2) DOG ATTACK - A mother tells the harrowing story of how a bull mastiff ripped into her little King Charles spaniel in front of her young family's eyes in a park, and then tore into her arm. Find out more in this Daily Mail article : Absolutely tragic. I understand the mastiff has been destroyed, and I hope that the owner is prosecuted. It is all to do with taking responsibility for your actions, which seems to be sadly lacking in the UK at the moment. You said that you would spare us the details during your trail on Ken's show, but then went on to give them anyway. On the basis that there will presumably be more detail to come I'll choose not to listen to this. Next...

3) DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN - Charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn are dropped. Does he have the right to have the slate wiped clean? Or is it now impossible for victims of rape to find justice, unless they have a flawless character? : Blimey, do I have that much influence on what you discuss? It was only yesterday that I wrote that you lacked the follow-up story on this one. My point yesterday was regarding your general lack of follow-up information, and not this topic in particular. I have no interest at all in Mr Strauss-Khan's case and insufficient information to form an opinion on what is right or wrong. Anyway, Mark Radcliffe starts his show at 1pm, and he read out an email from me last week. Next...

4) CHEQUES - The cheque has been saved. Do you love them and can't live without them, or are they irrelevant in this modern age? : Most of my customers pay me by cheque, which arrive on my doormat courtesy of Royal Mail. I send them to my bank by post using the posting box about 80 feet from where I am typing this. The nature of my business tends to make most of my customers from an older generation. Some do not have internet access at all, and most choose not to use internet banking for money transfers. So, I love cheques, and I can't live without them. You made it quite clear what your personal view is on this topic (disagreeing with mine) on Ken's show so I predict that any discussion will be biased from the start. I think I'll give it a miss.
The Jeremy Vine Show - changing nothing, as usual


Stonyground said...

for once I think that your argument that the issues covered by the JV show don't affect you fell down. Just once in a great many cases mind. I pay for almost everything now with either plastic or cash. I do however still need a cheque book because I still, on occasion, need to send a cheque in the post to pay for something. Just a few weeks ago I posted a cheque for tickets to see an ELP tribute band.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

ELP tribute band? Good man! I saw ELP play at Wembley Empire Pool back in 1973ish - superb!

It was JV's almost "who on earth?" and "why would anybody want to use a cheque?" attitude that annoyed me. As I said, my business depends on cheques and I am very pleased that they will continue. JV seemed to want to be rid "because it costs the banks money to print cheque books". Shame.