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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Today's show 11/08/11

Another day, another set of stories irrelevant to me. When will you discuss an issue that affects me, rather than the issues that YOU THINK affect me? You only have to ask and I will willingly tell you what they are, but they are certainly not any of these...

1) RIOTS SENTENCING - What is the right punishment for a rioter or a looter? : Oooohhh, a vote. I'll go for walking the plank, and I shall text my vote to 88291. From what I have heard on the BBC news (so it must be true ... I think) justice appears to be rapidly taking its course. I would expect nothing more than your callers to advocate all forms of punishment ranging from death by chocolate through to Monty Python's comfy chair. One thing I do know is that whatever you decide today will not make the blindest bit of difference to what actually happens in The Real World where I live, as usual. Next...

2) MISLEADING LABELLING - Have you been seduced by a 'buy-one-get-one-free' deal and regretted it? : No. I've just listened to your trail on Zoe's show, and I still don't understand what you are planning to discuss, and to be honest I cannot be bothered enough to listen and satisfy my non-existent curiosity. Next...

3) SICK BRITAIN? - Are the riots evidence of sick Britain or is this idea unpatriotic? Find out more in this Telegraph article : Can I just remind you that the recent riots have only occurred in England? Yes, England. Not Scotland, or Northern Ireland, or here in Wales. As for a sick Britain, it has been like that for a long, long time. The BBC and some other sections of The Meedja would not have it any other way. Next...

4) BUS ROUTES SCRAPPED - If your bus service has been axed as a result of spending cuts, what are the alternatives? We offer some help to a stranded passenger. Find out more in this Telegraph article : The third paragraph reads: The MPs said that 70 per cent of councils have cut funding for bus services, with rural areas hit worst. I live in a very rural area, so I have just checked to see what the situation is around here. In 2009 cuts were proposed cut to a summer park-and-ride service for walkers in deepest Snowdonia, but more money was found and the service lives on to this day. Other than that I cannot find details of any cuts to bus services in Gwynedd. Perhaps we are just lucky here in this lovely corner of Wales, and this makes this item irrelevant to me.

Perhaps you can do better tomorrow. Or perhaps not. I guess it depends on whether you WANT to do better.

Have you booked Clarkson to stand in next week yet? Or are your listeners still going to have to suffer Ms Feltz?

1 comment:

Stonyground said...

I think that the thing about 'Buy one get one free' offers is that sometimes the savings are negligable or even in the negative. this is obvious to anyone who has a year two grasp of maths but presumably JV's listeners are not so well educated and get fleeced as a result.