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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Today's show 02/08/11

Not surprisingly, the BBC journalists strike has featured in an interesting article in the BBC's favourite newspaper The Guardian ( You will remember that I explained a little while ago about how I had to work out a Bollocks To Truth ratio for every news item I choose to read, view or hear. Well, this article has left me perplexed. Allow me to quote:

"The BBC's director of business operations, Lucy Adams, said "six out of seven staff" were working normally"

"But Michelle Stanistreet, the general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, said it was "absolutely ludicrous" to suggest such a high level of staff, which she said was "completely untrue"."

Hmmm... now there is a puzzle. Who is telling the truth? The absence of many key names from broadcasts yesterday tends to suggest that the strike had more of an impact than the BBC would be prepared to admit, which also suggests that the BBC was not exactly telling the truth (heaven forfend). So, who should I believe? The BBC, the NUJ or The Guardian? In my book they are all as bad as each other, and anyway, I couldn't really care less.

So let's look at Tuesday's offering instead...

1) CHARITIES - Many charities are on the brink of closure as government funding is cut. On the show today we redefine what a charity should be: Should charities receive state funding? Should employees be paid? Should they be political? Jeremy chats to Kate Green, Labour MP and former director of two charities - the Child Poverty Action Group and the National Council for One Parent Families, and Neil O’Brien, the Director of conservative think tank, Policy Exchange : I'm intrigued by your statement "we redefine what a charity should be". I somehow doubt that this is going to be passed in to law, so who are you trying to influence here? And why have you taken such a blinkered view on charitable activities by bringing in people from two childcare charities, and nobody from the Charities Commission? Missing the point, as usual! There are many, many thousands of charities out there doing all kinds of wonderful things, from animal sanctuaries to the preservation of historic aircraft. I have some experience in the setting up and running of charities so I do know a bit about this. The vast majority do not receive state funding, they are mainly run by volunteers with only a few employees, and they choose not to be and have no need to be political in nature. I can tell you now that I would never support any charity that has political undertones. You seem to be focussing on such a miniscule part of what charities do that it leads me to think - again - that you have a hidden agenda here. And anyway, I know what a charity is so I don't need you to tell me what you think they should be, thank you very much. Next...

2) CHARLIE GILMOUR - Charlie Gilmour went to prison after swinging on the cenotaph, and the judge said he showed disrespect to Britain’s war dead. But didn’t our soldiers defend Britain’s freedom so that people like Gilmore could even mess around on a war memorial? Jeremy is joined by Alastair Mackie, former Air Commodore who flew during the second world war and John Nichol, former RAF navigator and defence commentator : Ah, diddums. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Missing the point again, it seems that you have no intention of discussing ex-MP Jim Devine's release from prison yesterday ( after serving only 4 months of a 16 month sentence. So which is worse? Disrespecting the war dead, or disrespecting the people who elected you to a position of power? I'm sure that you can tell me. Next...

3) CHILDREN LEFT IN HOT CAR - A mother who left her 3 children in a car in 40° heat has been spared prison. Should the law be tougher or should we be more sympathetic? Jeremy chats to Zoe Williams, Guardian columnist and mother of two, and Rachel Agnew, broadcaster and mum of one : Hmmmm... Zoe Williams. Let's see what we can find about her. Ah yes, says "Williams describes her political views as left-wing and feminist.". Great. And I learnt something today about regular contributor Rachel Agnew. According to (I presume it is the same person) she is the voice of "Cashier number 3 please" in Post Offices. Great. We don't have children, so this item is of no interest to me. Next...

4) COLONIC IRRIGATION - Finally, a new report from an American university says colonic irrigation doesn’t work and could even be dangerous. Jeremy talks to Tracey Dell, founder of Northampton Colonic Clinic and Dr Sarah Jarvis, Radio 2’s GP. Find out more in this article from The Guardian : I've never had colonic irrigation, and have no plans to do so, so it is completely irrelevant to me. However, I find that 6 Music can be used as a fine substitute to remove unwanted material from my radio between 12 and 2 every day.

The Jeremy Vine Show - missing the point, every day


Anonymous said...

Broadcaster? I dont think the voice of cashier 3 is broadcasting. Another JV talkung head. I heard ten mins of his drivel today as i was at dentist and he was on! Id rather hav root canal treatment

Stonyground said...

Do we need to re-define the word charity? No we don't, we just have to stop referring to government funded political organisations as charities.

I like to support charities but I am damned if I am going to donate to an organisation that has already taken a slice of my cash without asking me. So I have to admit that for once JV has covered a subject that I am interested in. Yay.

As for colonic irrigation, give me effing strength.

feargalthecat said...

I heard JV @ 11.30 blowing on about Gilmour being jailed for his headline-grabbing act on The Cenotaph. I was under the impression he was jailed due to the violence and destruction he caused throughout the day, not just the one piece of stupidity caught by the meeja. I agree a comment on Devine would have been more apt. Stealing from the taxpayer is far more heinous. A better question could have been, does Devine keep his gold-plated MP pension? JV loves a (pointless) vote! As ever, keep up the good work.