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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Today's show 10/08/11

Ah, you're back for another two hours of discussion that will probably mean absolutely nothing to me. Jeremy will be proud of you, because he has managed to do the same every day since 2003.

So, what have I got to look forward to missing today then? Let's see...

1) RIOTS - As the rioting spreads from London to other cities, is it time to reclaim the streets: clean up, go on patrol and make sure local businesses are patronised once more : Well, yes, I guess it is. If I lived a bit nearer to a problem area I would probably join in, but my nearest Riot Hot Spot is Liverpool, and that is nearly 100 miles away from here. Good to see the BBC - finally - picking up on the more positive side of these events. What kept you? The "go on patrol" part of your description is interesting, I guess you mean some kind of vigilante movement. Have you noticed that sales of baseball bats on Amazon have gone up by several thousand percent this week? No, I thought not. And, as I write this, sales of a telescopic "night stick" are up 18695%. You can see it all here:
. It is easy to guess where all these items are going, and the Daily Telegraph makes it quite clear ( by saying: The heroes of recent days for many are the Turkish shopkeepers patrolling Green Lanes, Hackney, with baseball bats to protect their businesses (and being threatened with arrest for doing so). Something needs to be done, not to stop them carrying the bats but to stop them from being threatened with arrest. But that is probably a bit too anti-libertarian for the BBC though, so I feel no need to listen today. Next...

2) RUBBERNECKERS - We also discuss rubberneckers: those who go out to watch the looters for the fun of it : Other than promoting this dubious activity, the point of this is what, exactly? Do you think that devoting 30 minutes of prime time Radio 2 to these idiots is a good use of my Licence Tax? I don't, so I won't be listening to this either. Next...

3) COMA - We speak to a girl who came round from a coma who was thought to only have twenty four hours to live. Find out more in this Daily Mail article : The Daily Mail returns ... where would this programme be without it? Thank goodness she was in a hospital that allowed a Christian baptism to take place. Unfortunately, I have read all I need to know about this story from the online Daily Mail page, and as I have no need for any further information I have no need to listen today. Next...

4) TEETOTALISM - Paddy discusses the rise of teetotalism : Other than a few sips, I have never drunk alcohol as I just don't like the taste. In your trail on Zoe's show you said specifically that you were only interested in hearing from people who have stopped drinking, and not from those who have never drunk for whatever reason - like myself. Feeling completely disenfranchised by this, I feel compelled to find alternative listening entertainment today.

Four irrelevant topics out of four then. As I said earler: Jeremy will be proud of you! I'll send him a Twitter message just so he knows that you are keeping up his good work.

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