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Friday, 5 August 2011

Today's show 05/08/11

Bloomin' heck ... your web page was updated today before 11am. You see, it really isn't difficult, is it?

There are a few things that I need to mention before we look at your programme today, which - I have to say - looks pretty dire. But never mind, there is always 6 Music.

First is Twitter. I found out last night that if I look at your feed while I am not logged in to Twitter then I can see a lot more (i.e. whole conversations) than if I am logged in. So, I will now only login when I want to leave a comment, and then logout again. Sorted!

Second is Steve Wright. The Daily Mirror did a bit of hatchet job on him yesterday ( which was then followed today by another article in the BBC's favourite paper The Guardian ( Under the faux subtitle "Why is the Daily Mirror so unhealthily obsessed by the mundane details of Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright's diet and 'bizarre' life?" all this article does is re-print the Mirror article virtually verbatim. You mentioned the Mirror article on Twitter yesterday ("By the way, story about my pal Steve Wright in today's #Mirror is hatchet job on a very kind & considerate colleague, who is a radio ledge!") yet, and oddly, you make no mention of The Guardian's article today. I know that the bond between BBC and Guardian is strong, but didn't realise that meant you could not criticise them. Double standards Jeremy, double standards!

Third is e-petitions. I took a look earlier at how the capital punishment petitions were doing. They are loads of them, and both "for" and "against", and with none of them showing anywhere near the required 100,000 signatures. However, there were some other interesting ones that caught my eye:
 - Add "None of the above" to election ballot papers
 - Reject wrongly spelled e-petitions (although I think that should be "wrongly spelt"..!)
 - Don't listen to idiots signing e-petitions
 - Don't waste parliamentary time debating e-petitions
 - Free the man who pied Murdoch (
even though he was only jailed for 6 weeks and the e-petition runs for a year ... some people just don't get it, do they?)
And my absolute favourite:
 - BBC bias (
I signed this one!)

OK... on to today's programme, which won't take long...

1) WORLD FINANCES - Fear stalks the world's stock markets because of Europe's debt and a weak US economy. Is it time to get all the bad news out now and allow countries to default -rather than apply the sticking plaster of more bailouts and risk worse later? : Should I text my answer to 88291? Next...

2) MOBILITY SCOOTER - We speak to the pensioner who escaped being "barbecued alive" as his mobility scooter burst into flames. Find out more in this Daily Mail article : Another Daily Mail story ... they've done you proud this week. The most interesting sentence to me is "The drama unfolded as the great-grandfather was heading to the weekly car boot in town on Sunday, July 24.". July 24th ... that was nearly two weeks ago. Does this still qualify as news? Has anybody told you that The Titanic sank? Next...

3) STUDENT FINANCE - After 1, a student finance special with money saving expert Martin Lewis : Martin is a star, but I am not a student. Next...

4) ALLOTMENT - And we catch up with Terry Walton on the programme allotment : Ah yes, more sound effects to fill the airwaves. Deep, deep joy.
You see, I told you it wouldn't take long!
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gill kerry said...

JV is also compounding the steve wright (a radio ledge)? story by referring readers to it. Double double-standards.

gill kerry said...

Just read comments on martins facebook page. Apparently JV was butting in on students loans and ruining point! I cant beleive that!

ruthiejane said...

I don't get what is so awful about the Daily Mirror story, so he likes his food as and when he likes it. So he works 9am to 5pm. All sounds perfectly reasonable. He likes his own company, so what? It's the Guardian version that makes him out to be wierd.