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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Today's show 23/08/11

You'll be pleased to know that my washing dried, and it didn't rain. Weather forecasts - pah!

I've struggled to think of an issue that affects me today, so I'll go with this one from a couple of weeks ago...

I recently had a problem with a credit card where the PIN number was not being recognised. The card supplier happily sent me a new PIN with a note telling me that I needed to validate it in an ATM at my nearest branch. I had no idea where that was, so I called them, gave them my postcode and was told "We don't have a branch anywhere near you". And that was all they could tell me. My own investigations subsequently revealed that my nearest branch is 40 miles away in a town that I very rarely visit. I called them back and gave them the choice: Validate my PIN over the phone, or close my account. Their choice was the latter. So...
Today's issue that affects me: Why do some companies forget that not all of their customers live in or near cities and towns?

OK, on to the issues that allegedly affect your listeners...

On 16th May you wasted 30 minutes of prime time radio broadcasting with this story: "IMF CHIEF ACCUSED OF RAPE - The French head of the IMF and socialist candidate for presidency is arrested in New York after allegedly trying to rape a chambermaid. Some in France are asking 'Was he set up?". Interesting that now it is looking extremely likely that the case will be dropped (
) yet coverage of this has been minimal, and with none at all on your programme. In the minds of your listeners Mr Strauss-Khan will always be "that bloke who raped a chambermaid" and will remain uneducated on his actual status, whetever that turns out to be. Here again Jeremy is a reason why I choose not to listen to your programme. You do not follow up and correct old stories, so if I chose to believe what you tell me (heaven forfend) then my views would be tainted by a lack of the full facts. I would rather not have any opinion than have an incorrect one. What is your view?

So let's look at the half-stories and half-truths you will be discussing today:

1) LIBYA - Gaddafi goes into hiding. What makes a dictator fight it out to the last bullet? : I was waiting for you to say on Ken's show "... and on the phone we will have Colonel Gaddafi, Robert Mugabe, Omar Al-Bashir and Kim Jong-Il ..." but it never came. So, in answer to your question, I have absolutely no idea. So, who could you get to enlighten you? Somebody who has met a dictator or two, somebody who likes telling anybody who will listen what they should be doing and what to think, somebody who likes the sound of his own voice far too much. That'll be George Galloway then. If I were a betting man I would put £100 on him appearing on your show today, but this in itself is a good reason not to listen. Next...

2) MICROFINANCE - How a charity is helping small businesses help themselves in the developing world : Does Wales count as the developing world? Sometimes I think it should, but that is more than made up for the stunning scenery and fantastic way of life we have here. Anyway, good for them, but this is of no interest to me. Next...

3) LIGHTNING STRIKES! - After Richard Branson's mansion goes up in flames, have you suffered a catastrophic lightning strike? : I've been in a trans-Atlantic Jumbo Jet that was struck by lightning and dropped 200 feet like a stone, and I've also been on a train that was struck by lightning and had St Elmo's fire dancing around it. As I am still here to tell the tale I don't think that either occasion could be described as "catastrophic", so the answer to your question is "No". Blame it on global warming. Next...

4) DIFFICULT FRIENDSHIPS - Tell us about the friend you just can't get rid of. They don’t get the hint and they won't (take) no for an answer : The only friends I have are the ones that I have not told to F-Off And Die. What was the problem again?

The Jeremy Vine Show - follow-up stories, who needs them?

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