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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Today's show 25/08/11

I knew that following your return there would be a new trailer for your show, but I only heard it for the first time yesterday evening. So, let's see what it says...
Jeremy Vine: "And good afternoon" - Very kind, good afternoon to you too.
Voiceover Lady: "The issues that affect you" - As we have discussed before, they simply do not. Not even close.
JV: "We talk about Health & Safety laws. Are they what is causing the health and safety culture, or is it people trying not to be sued?" - Remember the guy in Plymouth with the owl? Remember the Adlington Women's Institute cakes? According to you, both fell foul of "Health and Safety", but when I investigated further it soon became clear that that was not the case. Put it down to misinformation by the media.
VL: "Experts and opinions" - Plenty of opinions certainly, but experts are usually thin on the ground. Remember Fukushima? Where was the expert you needed so badly that day? And is Geoge Galloway an expert? I think not. Howver, Martin Lewis definitely is an expert, but such a shame that he could not get a word in edgeways when discussing student loans a few weeks ago.
JV: "Has Britain demonised the working class, and in a modern Britain what does that term mean anyway?" - That is not a question I have ever asked myself.
VL: "And your views and experiences" - I send you my views and experiences EVERY DAY, but you never use them. And when are you going to allow somebody to say "Rubbish show Jeremy" at the end of their call?
Caller: "It is wrong, it is a old-fashioned good shock, and I mean a shock" - Yeah, whatever.
VL: "Jeremy Vine" - At least it is not Vanessa Feltz.
JV: "Do call us, do email" - I do, every day.
VL: "Weekdays from midday" - Time to switch to 6 Music.
JV: "Online, on digital and on 88 to 91 FM" - Is there no escape?
Today's issue that affects me: How can I shorten the clutch cable on my lawn mower?
No doubt there are four good reasons not to listen today, as usual...
1) JACQUI SMITH - Jacqui Smith has defended using young prisoners to decorate her house. The charity concerned says it helps to rehabilitate young offenders : Is there no real news today then? You seem to have missed out completely on the Daily Mirror's and The Guardian's involvement in phone hacking. Why is that?

2) GCSE RESULTS - Hundreds of thousands of sixteen year will get their GCSE results today. Are you proud of what your son, or daughter has achieved, even in subjects that aren't necessarily that academic? : We don't have any children, so have no son or daughter to be proud of. But thanks for reminding me. Next...

3) COURT ANONYMITY LIFTED - A court in Worcestershire has lifted the anonymity of a sixteen year old, who went on Facebook and encouraged people to riot. In the event, there was no riot in Worcester and lawyers say that the rest of his life will now be ruined : Good. Next...

4) COLONEL GADDAFI - And finally, is anyone puzzled why we took the side of the rebels, when in 2004, we'd forgiven Colonel Gaddafi for everything he'd done in the past? : I continue to be puzzled by everything that Blair did, but please do not include "me" in "we".
Oh, and next time you go away how about getting your brother to stand in for you? I'd listen to that.
The Jeremy Vine Show - Health and Safety gone mad 

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