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Friday, 12 August 2011

Today's show 12/08/11

Good to see that the hand that feeds your programme - The Daily Mail - has decided to give the BBC a well-deserved slap: This was, of course, exactly the point that I made yesterday.
Anyway, another Friday is here, and you have another four stories that mean nothing to me at all...

1) US-STYLE POLICING - David Cameron's new adviser on gang crime is an American "supercop" who slashed crime in New York and Los Angeles. Would Britain benefit from US-style policing? : Odd that the BBC news page you link to makes no reference to "US-style policing", whatever that means. Harley-Davidsons to become standard issue, perhaps? Cameron is right to take advice from whoever has expertise in this area and who can make constructive suggestions on how to improve UK policing. However, that does not mean that "US-style policing" is even being considered, except by you. Next...

2) BLIND WOMAN DENIED CAFÉ SERVICE - A blind woman is told that her guide dog isn’t welcome in a café because it would deter other customers. Find out more in this Harwich And Manningtree Standard article : Aaahhh... The Harwich & Manningtree Standard... bless. With a weekly readership of around 6000 (
 - 2009 figues, probably less by now) it is hardly the beating heart of the news media, yet you have chosen to feature a story from it. I've never been to Manningtree, fortunately I am not blind, and I don't drink coffee, but should any of those situations change then I will do my best to remember this day. I promise. Next...

3) MEMORY - After 1, how to train your brain - a special on memory : Who are you? And why are you on Radio 2? Luckily, I manage to remember to write my I Hate The Jeremy Vine Show blog every day, and to tune away from Radio 2 at 12. Next...

4) RED DIESEL - And we report on the growing theft of red diesel : I don't have any red diesel to steal, but at your suggestion I might go and steal some this weekend. I take it that this item will be like Jeremy's coverage of thefts from oil-fired central heating systems, in that you will provide information on how to locate tanks and vehicles containing red diesel, what equipment is needed to steal it, when is the best time to commit the crime, and what to do with the red diesel once you have it. I might listen to this on iPlayer later, just so I can submit another complaint.

The Jeremy Vine Show - helping criminals nationwide

Oh God ... Feltz on Monday. I'm starting to feel sick already.

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