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Monday, 22 August 2011

Today's show 22/08/11

Has she gone? Oh good! Who's idea was it to get the vile Ms Feltz to stand in for you? She is truly dreadful and well-placed on Radio 2 in the early hours where I don't have to listen to her.

Anyway, let's look on the bright side, so welcome back!

As your programme often claims to discuss the "issues that affect you", meaning me, while you were away I decided to give you an issue that really does affect me each day. Today's is:
Today's issue that affects me: Will I manage to get the washing dry before the forecast rain arrives here later?
Well, it is a Monday, so please cut me some slack.

After the pillorying of David Starkey by all and sundry last week, including vehement attacks by the BBC who staged the interview, it was interesting to read Starkey's own comments over the weekend (
). It would be nice if the BBC in particular gave equal prominence to his justification of the comments he made, but we all know that is never going to happen. After all, when did fair and unbiased reporting ever trouble the BBC in recent years?

And on your menu today we have...

1) LIBYAN REBELS - The rebels are on the verge of toppling Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. Are you proud that the British intervention made this possible? : Am I proud? No. Am I ashamed? No. As usual, I'll go for the middle unpublished option, OK? Next...

2) CARRYING A BABY - An Australian professor says that carrying a baby in a sling, or pushchair facing forward amounts to child cruelty. Find out more in this Daily Mail article : First day back, second item, and the Daily Mail appears again. Yippee! Personally I would probably use a carrier bag, but then we don't have any children. Next...

3) DIVORCE DEAL BREAKERS - Divorce lawyers have said that squabbling over Airmiles and Tesco Club cards are holding up divorces. What was the petty argument that held up your divorce? Find out more in this Daily Mail article : Oooohhh... another one from the Daily Mail. Why don't you EVER use stories from the Daily Express? It is the one title that you never steal... ooops, I mean... you never get inspiration from. I got divorced in 1990. I can't say that it was a painless experience but I don't remember any squabbles as such and it went through fairly easily. Neither of us were collecting Airmiles and probably didn't even know they existed. Tesco Club cards started three years later in 1993 (
) so they were not an issue either. I am very happily married now, so this item is - as usual - of no interest or relevance to me. Next...

4) RED ARROWS TRAGEDY - And finally, tragedy hits the Red Arrows. It may be thrilling, but now we really know how dangerous it is as well : Absolutely tragic, of course. However, I suspect that you will sensationalise this in to something that it is not. Sorry Jeremy, but I cannot trust you to get this right and feel sure that you will include the crash as being part of the display. It was not. The crash occurred while the aircraft were travelling back to their operating base at Bournemouth Airport, i.e. the plane was in level flight when the accident occurred. There will, of course, be a full technical enquiry in to the accident and perhaps then we will find out for sure why the aircraft failed and why Flt Lt Egging did not survive. Until the report is published - which I will read - I will be patient in my personal quest for information on this unfortunate accident rather than just submit to the conjecture and speculation currently being peddled by the news media. I would, as usual, not be surprised if the real facts of this incident only get scant mention, and not at all by your programme.

The Jeremy Vine Show - consistent, if nothing else.

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