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Monday, 8 August 2011

Today's show 08/08/11

Aaaahhh... the mysterious and anonymous Mr O'Connell returns. Was my suggestion to have Jeremy Clarkson stand in for JV dismissed then? If it was then that is a shame as it would have made great and very listenable radio!

You'll remember me. I'm the guy who runs the "I Hate The Jeremy Vine Show" blog (which passed 6000 page views over the weekend) and emails the programme every day to illustrate the utter futility, irrelevance and pointlessness of what is broadcast. You can take it as read that I won't be listening at 12 o'clock, but please allow me to explain why...

1) RIOTS - Following more violent disorder in London last night, were you caught up in the riots? : In answer to your question: No, I wasn't. It is about 250 miles from where I live in North Wales to that there London. What happens in your country's capital city is of no relevance and of only passing interest to me. And the reason is simple: I have listened to and watched the BBC reporting of these events, and have noted the bias contained therein. If I didn't know better it would seem to me that the BBC think that sainthood is the only appropriate treatment for the "young man" tragically killed while - if I understand this correctly - he was allegedly trying to murder a Police Officer. You'll be blaming Thatcher, I suppose. Next...

2) MATHS - Carol Vorderman wants everyone to learn maths up to age 18. If you’ve forgotten everything you ever learned, we give you a lesson in percentages, long division and fractions: Admirable, but I was lucky enough to get a good O-level maths grade at school, and went on to study at A-level too. After leaving full-time education I then worked in the computer industry as an analyst programmer for 30 years. I still use maths every day in the job I do now. So thanks for the offer of a lesson, but I really feel that I don't need it. Next...

3) DOUBLE-DIP RECESSION - With the financial markets in turmoil, in the real world of jobs and businesses, will your town survive a double-dip recession? Redcar today is advertising 1000 steel jobs : My nearest town has a population of under 1900 people and was founded early in the 11th century. I'm pretty sure it has survived worse things than double-dip recessions in that time. But thanks for asking. And good to see "the real world" reference - a first for the Jeremy Vine show! Next...

4) POLAR BEAR ATTACK - How well prepared were the Brits that were attacked by a polar bear? : A tragic death, but in answer to your question: I don't know, I wasn't there, were you? If not, why don't you ask them? Cue opportunity for the BBC to broadcast their usual man made global warming hysteria, with perhaps an appearance from George "we're all going to die" Monbiot
. I don't need to hear that, and I'll get somebody to tell you if I ever get attacked by a polar bear. OK?

So, no story from the Daily Mail today then? Tsk... one day in and JV's standards are already slipping.

1 comment:

gill kerry said...

Ha ha! I doubt many brits are prepared for a polar bear attack. Not too many in nottingham where i live. I think polar is the key word. Someone did have a gun so i suppose that is some sort lf preparation.

Re the riots the BBC seem to react., no surprise there, as it now seems the bullet found in the radio was police issue. I do wonder what happened to the taxi driver 'tho!