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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Today's show 02/02/12

Mmmmm... bacon and mushroom sandwich... yummy!

Good morning Jeremy, and a warm "hello" from my current location: The BBC Naughty Step. Now, I've seen Naughty Steps in TV programmes and, if I remember correctly, a child has to sit on them for one minute for every of their age. Have I got that right? The BBC apparently has a more draconian view of such things as I have been put on the Naughty Step for, roughly, two weeks for every year of my life. Now there, surely, is a subject for discussion one day? But not today, apparently...

09:10: Today's stories @BBCRadio2 in four words: Terror. Twitter*. Fashanu. Soldiers. (*is Twitter better than Facebook?)

Sounds great, and I cannot wait to miss it all later, but I think you need to drop one of your stories for today as I have some important news:

Today's issue that affects me: We had a bit of a frost last night, and I had to scrape the windscreen of my wife's car. There, that should fill 30 minutes easily.

But no, you are not discussing the weather today, apparently...

1) FACEBOOK OR TWITTER? - People are getting a chance to buy shares in Facebook, and we’re also told that social networking sites are more addictive than tobacco. Today we ask, what would you champion – Facebook or Twitter? : Aha! This will be another classic "Daddy or Chips?" discussion (
) where you attempt to compare two complete disparate entities. What next? How about: What would you champion - expolding glass tables or bonuses for bankers?
Interesting to read that Bono will make a profit of $800million as part of the share sale ( That should go a long way to sorting out starvation in Africa. Maybe?
I only use Twitter because of you, so thanks for that as I find it fascinating. I have been on Facebook for several years but only in a personal capacity and not as LunchTimeLoather, JVineBlogMan or similar. We all know about your Twitter presence, but how about Facebook? I remember a discussion about it on your programme a couple of years ago and seem to remember that you were not a fan. I've just had a quick search in Facebook for "Jeremy Vine" and, ignoring other people with the same name, this is what it came back with:

Jeremy Vine - 1,023 like this, description copied from Wikipedia : Not sure what this is, is it really you? I am not going to "Like" it to find out. Sorry. 1023 eh? Whooppee.
The Jeremy Vine Appreciation Society - 3 members : No activity since last March. 3 members ... says it all really.
Lets get Jeremy Vine off the Radio! - 36 members : Some good stuff here, but nothing since last August.
Jeremy Vine - What a complete d!ck - 4 members : Good stuff here too, and I particularly liked the CD. Now there's an idea for BBC Sales, yes?
I turn off Radio 2 when Jeremy Vine comes on - 8 members : Closed group, so I cannot see what they are up to.
The King of facial expressions Jeremy Vine - 58 like this : This seems to be a collection of photos of you pulling funny faces that have been posted by somebody who doesn't like Australians. Wierd.
Jeremy Vine's Green-Screen Election Graphics - 57 like this : Only one posting, in May 2010.
Jeremy F*****g VINE - 3 like this : No activity.
The Jeremy-Grape-Vine - 16 like this : Two posts, last from July 2011.
Jeremy Vine's virtual election world - 32 like this : No activity.
Jeremy Vine's ridiculous election coverage simulation scenarios - 14 like this : No activity.
The kangaroo that wants more fans than Jeremy Vine from the BBC - 27 like this : Appears to be run by somebody who thinks you don't like Australians. Any truth?
I Want Jeremy Vines Hologram Room! - 4 like this : No activity other than "He must feel like such a d!ck. Standing in a green room talking about swing."
I wouldn't pay Jeremy Vine to say "Hi, I'm Jeremy Vine" - 9 like this : No activity other than "He may do good things in other programmes but in Panorama, its left to other people to dig deep and investgate this week's scandal". That'll be Points of View, or Eggheads maybe.
Get Jeremy Vine out of the matrix - 4 like this : No activity, other than a picture of you in an election studio.
Jumping in a bowl of soup after a long day of being Jeremy Vine - 4 like this : No activity.

Hardly the greatest Facebook presence for you, I am sure you will agree. As I write this you have 78404 Twitter followers, excluding myself because I am still blocked, so it is safe to assume that you think Twitter IS better than Facebook, and that will be that with no discussion needed. And I cannot believe that you have not heard of Harry Hill's "Fiiiiggghhhhhtttttt.....". Chalk that up as another bit of The Real World that you now know about. Next...

2) BOMB PLOT - Islamists who plotted to blow up the stock exchange have pleaded guilty and will get a much shorter sentence. They could be out in 6 years. But if the intention was to kill hundreds of people, we speak to someone who says the sentence should be similar to if the bomb really had gone off : I find it interesting that you chose to use the word "Islamic" in your description on Ken's show ("an Islamist plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange") and on your web page. This is somewhat different to how your colleagues at the BBC have been describing this. For example, there is no mention of Islam on the BBC news page ( but Sky News take a different approach in their coverage ( Did you not get that email? I need say no more other than to point you to this discussion: Next...

3) JUSTIN FASHANU - Justin Fashanu was the first and, so far, only openly gay footballer. 8 years after coming out, he hanged himself. We speak to his niece. What is it about football that stops gay people from coming out? : Wasn't there something about this on TV last night? While Fashanu's death was tragic (didn't anybody see the signs, ref. Tuesday's programme?), I cannot find words to express how disinterested I am in ANY footballers. Perhaps Stephen Hester should demand that these overpaid clowns return the vast amounts of money they get paid. Fortunately I am not aware of ever giving one single penny to the business that is incorrectly described as "The Game". Next...

4) LOVE LETTERS - We discuss soldiers’ final love letters home from the front line : I am sure that these bring a huge benefit to those people, unlike myself, who have or had somebody in the military.

The Jeremy Vine Show - TV Burp? What's that?


gill said...

Talking of (not) knowing his stuff the absolute clown that is JV, was asking Ken about the Jim Diamond hit, I should have known better. JV then started to sing (badly) the wrong 'I should have known better' continuing with @with a girl like you'. ie the Beatles song of the same name. T**t. He then named the Facebook 'inventor' as Steve Zuckerberg. Clown. I shall have to start to refer to him as Coco.
Never could stand Bono, another sel-righteous bonzo, telling people how to live, yet flying round the world himself subjecting all and sundry to his tiresome 'music'
Interesting about the 'islamists'. If they admitted it, then they are guilty, surely. I notice that the BBC has not reported, to my knowledge, about the incident at UCL.
I have no truck with religion, but individuals should respect others, and not resort to 'fundamentalism'.

Will said...

I listened to Ken's bit and the 1st Hour as I was out and about.Got back home at 1pm so turned it off from then as just couldnt be bothered putting up with him any longer.

Ken's bit again was very funny.I heard the Steve Zuckerberg bit but it was ken that said "Are you sure its not Mark ,there is a Steve Guttenberg."
How the hell can he not know that? He might not know it off the top of his head but he or any BBC monkey could put it into google or as JV is such a fan of wikipedia then put it into wikipedia. Even Pre-101 researching would know that?
JV-singing maybe the US should get in touch as they could use it as torture instead of waterboarding?

Bomb plot-JV is the kind of person who would be slagging off the security services if they had this information and didnt do anything.Maybe he would think differently if his wife and daughter died in a bomb blast from this guys and the response he got would be "We thought they were fanstasist lossers" (JV phrase) and couldnt do anything until they did anything. I dont think that would be good enough if you had just lost your family would it.
These guys pleeded guilty,Innocent people dont plead guilty if they are innocent.As JV was told many times "we dont have all the facts" but when has that stopped the BBC and JV from making a judgement?

Anything Military,I tend to avoid on the JV show as I believe they deserve so much better than JV to patronise them. If I have a choice of who should get paid 1 Million Pounds Salary then it would always be Soilders,Fire,Ambulance Nurses,Doctors against JV or any BBC employee.

I wonder does JV have shares in Twitter?

What surprised me most is as per usual on the JV show is there are 4 topics and usually the 12 o'clock story is the biggy.Look at the 4 topics today and the one that is most useless,pointless and irrelevent is the Facebook and Twitter piece so why is it the top topic! What does JV discuss in his morning meeting's? Its obviously not research and to discuss stories.If Facebook was going to be discussed very badly and if anyone heard the segment then Ive not heard such cringeworthy JV this month and year but he will have to go some to bet this for the February crinch award.It was like listening to 2 kids arguing.

James Max-What happened to you,you use to be alright in the early LBC days,where as now you are just another failed Apprentice contestant!!

I think Ken Bruce can kick JV's arse but there's only 1 way to find out how much...........Fight !!!! :-)

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I can guess why Twitter was the big story ... because JV loves it! It is like his only little 24/7 radio station, and he is the boss.

I've worked out how to get around his block, so I don't know why he continues with it. It wasn't difficult.

Stonyground said...

There is a typo regarding today's date, I thought that I had lost a day out of my life for a second.

I picked up on the 'Should have known better gaff but I don't think that not watching TV Burp could be considered a serious gap in anyone's education

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Date corrected, thanks SG! I should get a job in journalism...

Will said...

Im not on twitter as I cant see the point and Im using facebook less and less these days.The more they change facebook the less I use it which is the opposite to what 'Zuch' wants us too.

If I want to ride anything on Twitter then I can read it on the Internet.You only have to have an account to send. JV-Tweeting away as a Tw*t on Twitter.

Harry Hill isnt as funny as it use to be.Its past its self by date.Enjoy his obversations but no need to make stuff up and get all those studio guests in as so not funny.Abit like JV past his sell by date and not funny.

I wonder what % of the Licence Tax goes to the JV show as thats the percentage I would hold back from my licence fee.

After todays show,there's no chance of any more Sony awards for JV.Jeremy if you want to know how to do speech Radio then listen to Danny Baker who got a Sony for speech radio show of the year.Good on ye Danny.