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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Today's show 16/02/12

A quick one today...

Well, it was going to be a quick one but at 11:50 I'm still waiting for "somebody" to update your web page. What is it about Thursdays? I'll come back in a bit.

12:00, and here we go...

1) HONDURAS PRISON FIRE - A fire sweeps through a prison in Honduras, killing more than 350 inmates : A tragedy. You asked on Ken's show what arrangements are made should a prison catch fire in the UK. Knowing the comprehensive Health & Safety and Fire Safety regimes that we have in this country, I feel sure that some arrangements have been made, and this is confirmed by
. It is called "research" Jeremy, you should try it some time. And no, I don't mean sitting in a cafe reading the papers. Next...

2) DANGEROUS PARKS - A thirteen year old is stabbed to death in a park in Doncaster that locals say has a reputation for antisocial behaviour. Is there a park near you that you always avoid? : Another tragedy. No, there is not. Next...

3) MIRIAM O'REILLY - We speak to ex-Countryfile presenter, Miriam O'Reilly, who is leaving the BBC to fight for women's equality one year after winning an age discrimination case against the corporation : Your web page has a link to the BBC News page about the Honduras prison fire, so I had to go looking for this one elsewhere, and I found this:
RICHARD KAY: Miriam's axeman quits the BBC...
Dropped from the Countryfile show three years ago because she was said to be too old, BBC TV presenter Miriam O’Reilly could be forgiven for feeling a sense of satisfaction today. The man responsible for axeing her is quitting the Corporation after 35 years. For 12 months after Miriam won her landmark discrimination case at an employment tribunal — and just five days after BBC director-general Mark Thompson, errrr, ummmm, admitted, errrr, there are not, ummmm, not enough older women, errrr, on screen — TV executive Andrew Thorman learns his own job is being abolished.
I continue to be a man, and while I have some support for O'Reilly's campaign, it comes as no surprise to me that you will not be focussing on the real story - Kay's departure - because it would involve criticising your beloved Biased Broadcasting Conglomerate. ‘The decision to abolish my role is plain wrong at a time when more than seven million people are regularly watching Countryfile. It’s a retrograde step,’ he (Kay) says. On that basis alone he should have been sacked years ago. Next...

4) MORBIDLY OBESE - Plymouth City Council is challenging the level of care it gives to a morbidly obese woman, saying her worst enemy is her own “dependency” on the state. Find out more from the Plymouh Herald : Your programme is turning in to Jeremy Kyle On The Radio. On Ken's show you described this as "a very, very interesting story". Once again Jeremy, I beg to differ. Trying valiantly to sound interested, Ken said "You can see both sides" and was grateful the decisions in this case would be taken by others and "We can just talk about it". Which is, of course, all your programme ever does.

The Jeremy Vine Show - Continuing to just talk about it

1 comment:

Will said...

Moonlighting&JJ again for me and as Im in flat during the morning then watching TV so not even listening to Ken this week but putting Radio on for Ken & JV and then off again.

I heard on Kens bit that the woman cant work her washing machine but has a Games Console and also has someone do her shopping for her because she cant do it but also goes to 'Friday Disco'.

So the Blood pressure doesnt explode,I avoid;-)