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Monday, 20 February 2012

Today's show 20/02/12

Monday morning again, and somebody has very kindly updated your web page nice and early - thank you!

I see from today's menu though that you will not be discussing a couple of news stories that are of interest to me. For completeness these are:
BBC pays £1.8million legal bill to help keep stars' pay confidential
The BBC’s governing body has paid £1.8 million to a top international law firm for work including advice on keeping the wages of some of its most high-profile stars confidential. Figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday show that the BBC Trust – the body that has overall control  of the public broadcaster – paid an average of almost £20,000 a week  to the London office of Baker & McKenzie during the past two years.

Do you consider that this gives us - the TV Licence Tax payers - value for money? I don't.
How Moira Stuart makes sure tax doesn't have to be taxing
Moira Stuart, the BBC newsreader who has become the public face of HM Revenue & Customs, has set up a company that allows her to avoid the full impact of the 50p top tax rate.

How about discussing the pros and cons of this arrangement one day then Jeremy? I'd listen!

Instead, we have this lot...
1) LONG DISTANCE COACH TRIPS - Following the crash in northern France of the coach returning children from a ski trip, we talk to someone that says it’s time to stop the transportation of children on long distance coach trips at night : "Someone" ... bless. Where do you find them? You said to Zoe, "It is not very easy to sleep on the front seat of a coach". A lot of coaches used on these trips have a separate sleeping compartment for the driver away from the main passenger cabin but I have no idea if this was the case on the coach that crashed in France. Do you? A similar incident occurred on a trip abroad when I was at school in the 1970s, but fortunately without loss of life. It is true to say that it had an affect on everybody at the school as we all knew somebody who had been injured. They all went on to make a full recovery but, presumably, some still bear the mental and physical scars of that incident to this day. However, I wasn't on the trip, I hate travelling by coach and we have no children who would go on such a trip. Next...

2) POLIO - India says it’s eradicated polio. We did the same a generation ago, but are you someone who can remember the terrible disease? Maybe you even suffered from it yourself?: Fortunately no, and no. I had a vaccination when I was only a few years old and I still have my polio vaccination card here somewhere. Next...

3) BOXING BRAWL - The brawl between the two heavyweight boxers has been said to shame the sport of boxing. But hang on a minute, wasn’t your reaction : ‘I thought boxing was about being violent?’ : I've never been a fan of boxing, and frankly could not care less what these individuals get up to. Wrestling, now there's a sport! Next...

4) HUGGING - John Prescott regrets that he’s unable to hug his sons. Are you somebody who wished your dad had hugged you? : He did. Thankfully he was not John Prescott. Ewwww....
The Jeremy Vine Show - come on, it's Monday, what did you expect?


Anonymous said...

I have no interest in you Blog....Next.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Anon, and yet you found time to post four separate "anti" comments, for which I thank you and which I have published and responded to.

Now try the same with Mr Vine and see how far you get.

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in your response...Next

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Errr... I think you just proved that you have.

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in you thinking I've proved anything.....Next.

I think you see where I'm going with this.

Will said...

I wonder if you asked 'BBC Stars' that they could have the extra money paid to keep there confidentialty if they give up that confidentialty.Would they be prepared to be paid more so long as everyone gets to know what they get paid?

Shouldnt have India got rid of Polio before they ordered new fighters or have a space program?

Traveling on Coach is fine.Lot cheaper than train and slower but you always get a seat and dont usually run across any idiots on coaches like you can on trains and travelled UK wide on coaches.Modern coaches are comfortable and Im 6ft+

Moonlighting and JJ again this morning.

I see the BBC monkey has time to spare today having updated the web page early today and decided to read your blog;-) Maybe its JV and thats what a university degree does for you?

gill said...

Not JV himself is it, as anon? I have just been on a bus between Benidorm and Albir. That was a bit hairy!!

Stonyground said...

Anonymous, are you being forced by threats of fines or imprisonment to pay for something that you have not asked for and do not want? My guess is that, if you reside in the UK, then you definately have. If you are happy with this state of affairs then I am truly sorry for you.