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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Today's show 23/02/12

I'm busy today, so just a quick one...

1) WAR CORRESPONDENTS - Following the death of Marie Colvin in Syria, we praise the war correspondent. How important is it that they are there in person following the story? : While her death is tragic, I had never heard of Marie Colvin until yesterday. I suppose somebody has to do the job, but as I rarely read or see the news they do not need to risk their lives on my account. You said to Zoe, "We still need somebody we can trust ... we need the brands ... we need the BBC". Trust? BBC? I think not. Next...

2) ABORTIONS - Parents are having their children aborted because they’re the wrong gender: Are they? Oh. This story is also covered in the Daily Telegraph (
) which says: "The Daily Telegraph carried out an investigation into sex-selection abortions after concerns were raised that the procedures were becoming increasingly common for cultural and social reasons" but the BBC news page you link to makes no mention of any "cultural" reasons. I'm pretty sure I can guess what those cultural reasons may be, but are you going to follow standard BBC policy and conveniently ignore them? I'm sure that I will never find myself in a situation where I am discussing an abortion, so I think I can give this a miss today. Next...

3) LOCKS - How many locks do you have on your front door? : Sufficient. Next...

4) FRANK CARSON - Frank Carson was one of the greats. Was it all about how he told them? : Probably. He was good on Tiswas and will be missed by many.
The Jeremy Vine Show - still trusting the BBC, for some reason


Will said...

Avoiding hr 1,may try Hr 2.

The abortion segment,His 'someone' is a Conservative MP who JV said is 'Very Conservative'.
Does that mean she is a bigger brown nose to 'my mate and yours Dave(we are all in this together)(hug a hoody) Cameron than JV? JV does have to protect his 1 million salary from as much tax as poss and DC is the man for that.

I do wonder what BJ has on Cameron considering they went to Uni together but BJ always gets money for Public Transport where as the Conservatives have never been Public Transport fans as 'there people' dont use PT,thats for the poor people.Yet HS2 and Crossrail got funded which I find surprising.Would they have carried on getting funding if Ken was in charge?? I do wonder.

Daily Politics far more interesting than JV.

Who's more trust worthy? News Journalist,MP or Estate Agent.I dont believe anything that MP's say and News is a load of rubbish so would have to be Estate Agents for me.

This country is in a state when our own choices for PM are 'Hug a Hoody' Cameron, Gleggy 'dont ever believe anything I ever say' Weggy or 'Bean Milliband'.We probaly be better with some of the crazy US presidential delegates' ;-)

Will said...

I could spend all day highlighting virtually whats wrong with most of what comes out of JV Gob.

Some of it really is Sony award winning Comedy Gold.

'People in the know at R2 tell me she is very good' Well that wouldnt be you then,'In the Know'.

'You need a locksmith to fit a lock' You may JV,but not everyone.

Who knows what pearls of wisdom I missed in hr 1.

Stonyground said...

I laughed loudly at the notion that you can't trust the internet but must rely on trusted brands like the newspapers and the BBC. What planet is this guy on really. I find that if you choose your bloggers carefully, and in particular choose ones with lightly moderated comments, you get pretty reliable information. The thing about the comments is that if the OP does get something wrong there is generally a correction posted fairly quickly. Compare that with the newspapers that often ignore corrections and, only when forced to, do they print a retraction in an out of the way corner. Compare that with the BBC who broadcast propaganda and are seemingly incapable of admitting that they are ever wrong.

Stonyground said...

On the trailer today there was a mention of observational humour such as that of Micheal McIntyre. Apparently I cannot enjoy Carson's one liners with a punchline and McIntyre's observational stuff as well. It seems that I have to make a choice.