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Monday, 6 February 2012

Today's show 06/02/12

Monday morning, but I'm just going to go back to Friday's programme for a moment. I know that inaccuracy and misinformation are a major part of your programme, but it only occurred to me on Saturday how inaccurate your reporting on Friday was concerning Mr Huhne. I am really annoyed with myself about missing THE point.

Your script said, quote: Chris Huhne and his wife will be charged over the speeding offence and the penalty points. He's resigned, but why should he - he's not yet been found guilty?
This text suggests it is the speeding offence that is the issue here, but that is just wrong. Your beloved BBC's news page (
) reports it correctly: Chris Huhne has quit as energy secretary after learning he will be charged with perverting the course of justice over a 2003 speeding case.

This offence goes to the very root of our legal system and, consequently, I understand that offenders may face a life prison sentence. Huhne is the first Cabinet minister in living memory to be charged with a serious criminal offence, yet you made no mention of perverting the course of justice, did you? Why would that be then? Surely you were not trying to steer the discussion away from the real issue and turn it in to "it was only some speeding points". Surely? The BBC giving a Lib-Dem an easy ride through a major offence ... who'd have thought? Thank goodness he isn't a Tory.

I also sent you some questions for Martin Lewis and Cancellation Day:
Cancellation Day sounds like a great idea! I'd like to cancel my BBC TV Licence and continue to watch TV. What advice can you give me? How many threatening letters will I receive - and ignore - before they stop coming? And when the TVL thug knocks on my door, should I just tell him he is committing aggravated trespass and tell him to go away? Any advice gratefully received!

I've just checked the iPlayer and neither he nor you makes any mention of this easy way to save £145.50 a year. Did you pass my question on to him? Perhaps you just ran out of time while you discussed freedom-of-choice Sky subscriptions in preference to pay-up-or-we'll-send-the-boys-round BBC TV licences? Yes, that'll be it, I'm sure.

Today's issue that affects me: We were woken to a loud crash at 06:50 yesterday morning. Investigations revealed that one of our cats had knocked a load of stuff of the kitchen cupboard shelves. More investigations revealed evidence that the mouse we saw several weeks ago was still around, so we can only assume that cat was chasing mouse. We spent yesterday morning clearing and cleaning the cupboard and left it empty and with the door open overnight. Lots of activity at 07:20 this morning as cats are running around and one catches and despatches said mouse. But are there any more?

Can we take a quick look at the news stories that you won't be covering today. That'll be because they concern the BBC. Let's start here:
<Scroll down the page>
The BBC’s party line on our 'brave’ social workers
We have long been familiar with the way the BBC ignores, with impunity, its statutory obligation “to ensure that all controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality”. There is an ever-growing list of issues, from the EU to climate change, on which its coverage follows a clear “party line”, so partisan that it amounts to little more than propaganda.

That sums up the situation nicely, don't you think?

Knowing how well you like "daddy or chips" comparisons, this may be of interest to you:
Bacon sandwiches top T-Mobile list of Britain's 50 greatest loves
Bacon sandwiches, roast dinners and the obligatory cup of tea have topped a list of what Britain really loves the most in a survey released by T-Mobile.
1 - Bacon sandwiches
2 - Roast dinners
3 - Cup of tea
4 - British history
5 - BBC

You will know from reading this rubbish every day that I am a fan of the bacon sandwich and I am not surprised that a bacon sandwich is more popular than the BBC. They are better value for money too!

OK... so let's see if Monday 6th February 2012 is THE DAY when you talk about an issue that affects me:

1) BIG FREEZE - As forecasters warn of dangerous ice after the weekend's snowfall, we discuss whether you should take in a homeless person in these freezing temperatures : Talking about the weather - again? Can't you just tell its a Monday. It was 12 years ago that The Independent (
) wrote this: According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event". "Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said. Thank goodness we have experts like that. The ONLY reason you are discussing this is because it has affected London and the South East, so it automatically becomes important. Here in North Wales today it rained all day Saturday but was dry and sunny yesterday. Today is grey overcast with some light drizzle and very occasional glimpses of a watery sun. The temperature is 5degC and is predicted to rise to 7degC later. We have not had a frost since the middle of last week. Go on, tell the nation, they'd love to know that. And, on the basis that it is not freezing, the answer to your question is "No". What about you? Next...

2) DIAMOND JUBILEE - Former prime minister Sir John Major talks to us about the Queen on the sixtieth anniversary of her accession to the throne : Is she in the studio today? Oh... This has every possibility of ending up as a free-for-all row between pro- and anti-monarchists. I think I'll give it a miss, thanks. Next...

3) DIANE FRANKLIN - We speak to a woman whose quadriplegic son has just started to speak after twenty years. Find out more from Mail Online : First day of the week, and the Mail makes an appearance - yay! This is fantastic news, but - again - I have promised Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie that I will listen to them today. Sorry. Next...

4) SYRIA UNREST - Syrian forces have intensified their bombardment of the city of Homs. Does this prove that we should have intervened earlier? : From the weather to foreign policy in under two hours - fantastic. Who are the "we" that should maybe have intervened earlier? I wasn't aware that "we" had intervened at all.

It looks like I shall remain disappointed.

The Jeremy Vine Show - radio for Room 101


Gill said...

did you hear the Ken spot today? JV came into microphone singing, caterwauling actually, some song no-one had heard of. It was absolutely dire, the worst thing I have ever heard. Makes Hilda Ogden sound like Katherine jenkins. He really ought to be told.
Also, I noticed when my mouse was hovering over the right side of the JV home screen, over more details, its suggests I see more programmes from the 'brand' Jeremy Vine. (The quote marks are mine). BRAND? Has he trademarked himself?
I too was wondering if he had queenie, Brenda, in the studio. Now that I would have listened to.
Is JV offering to give room to a homeless person? I think i would rather live on the streets than with that pompous ass. A dog on a string would be better company. Perhaps queenie could offer a spare room, she has plenty of space.
Glad to see that the expert was at the uni. of East Anglia. has JV brought in Monbiot yet?

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I did hear him talk to Ken and, unfortunately, I knew exactly what song he was talking about. You can hear it here: and yes, it is pretty dire.

Will said...

Didnt hear as was fast asleep but the 'homeless type feature' of should we do this really winds me up.

'Would you take a pay cut' being one of them.

Well JV as you brought the Homeless thing up then lead by example.You cant expect other people to do something,you arent prepared to?? You take the 1st one in (Im sure your wife and child would appreciate the company) and the good news is Free baby sitting. Infact JV when was the last time you gave just a small bit of change from the 1 million salary you get a year.You are the kind of person that will just pretend they arent there and ignore them and then think why do the police let them get away with sitting there.

I doubt any of 'the team' would agree to give a homeless person a bed so completely useless feature.How about why does the Government send millions of foreign aid aboard to help the homeless in other countries but couldnt give a shit about the homeless in this country? Discuss that and prove me wrong about leading the way in helping the homeless but you cant can you!