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Friday, 3 February 2012

Today's show 03/02/12

I got the date correct today. I should become a journalist.

Just a quick one due to pressure of work...

The BBC hits the news again...
BBC admits receiving millions in grants from EU and councils
The news prompted MPs to raise questions about the BBC’s impartiality when its journalists report on events in the EU.
The BBC admitted in a letter to a Tory MP that it has received nearly £3million in grant money from the European Union over the past four years.

Perhaps this explains why the BBC completely missed the point - and public opinion - when Cameron did his veto thing in December, maybe?

And there was a load of fuss yesterday on the BBC about the head of the Student Loan Company (
) after he was paid through a private firm, yet this is exactly what the BBC did for John Birt:
BBC helps its chief to avoid tax: Exclusive: Birt's salary paid to his private company
JOHN BIRT, the new Director-General of the BBC, has avoided tax by being paid as a freelance consultant - despite being a full-time employee of the Corporation. Instead of paying tax on his BBC salary, he has been taxed on whatever he chooses to pay himself from his private company.

So, one rule for BBC employees and one rule for everybody else then? Nice one.

On to today's trivia then but your web page (
) has details of the Reverend Alan Sorensen's "Pause For Thought" displayed for some reason, but I can always use the script you so kindly posted on Twitter earlier ( instead...

1) PRINCE WILLIAM - The Argentinians say sending William to the Falklands is a "deliberately provacative act" : He works for the RAF and so he does as he is told, and I think it unlikely that you will be able to reverse this decision. Is there any chance, do you think, that our beloved news media is making more of this than they should? Just asking. Next...

2) CHRIS HUHNE - Chris Huhne and his wife will be charged over the speeding offence and the penalty points. He's resigned, but why should he - he's not yet been found guilty? : Did you miss his appearance on TV earlier? He said that he was standing down from his cabinet position so he could devote his time to defending himself. His decision, and accepted by Clegg and Cameron. I'm still waiting for Miliband Minor to pop-up on TV or radio to say "the government are going too far, too fast" which, in Huhne's case, was probably true. And I love this piece by James Delingpole: Go on, enlighten me, what is there to discuss? Next...

3) MARTIN LEWIS - Martin Lewis introduces CANCELLATION DAY! Which magazine, insurance, phone, gym, satellite contract are you going to cancel today? : Now, let me think. I get one magazine a month, so I'll keep that. We only have the insurance we need. We have a landline phone which costs little to run thanks to Martin's advice, and my mobile is pay-as-you-go. I do not belong to a gym. And why would I want to cancel my satellite contract when Sky (aka the hated-by-the-BBC Murdoch Empire) provide me with televisual delights every day. I know ... I'll cancel my BBC TV Licence Poll Tax. Martin's advice would be very much appreciated on that one, so please discuss it. Cheers! Next...
4) TOP TOTTY - Why did a Labour MP object to a beer called TOP TOTTY being sold in a bar in Parliament? : Sense of humour by-pass, maybe? I am sure that Slater's Brewery will be grateful for the publicity, and good luck to them. Bearing in mind Mr Huhne's situation today, perhaps this brew would be more appropriate...
The Jeremy Vine Show - immune from Cancellation Day, whether you like it or not


gill said...

I do object to the BBC, aka JV, putting a bloody religious tract on the web site. Is this JV's nod to his xtianity?
Cannot abide James Delingpole, but hasn't he pinched someone else's strap line about hearts of stone? Was it Oscar Wilde? You will James, you will.
Top Totty is a very fine brew indeed and I hope they get as much publicity out of it as they can. The house of commons bar is well-subsidised too. Wish mine was!!

Gill said...

Just noticed music played,

Juan Zelada— What Do I Know
Depeche Mode— Enjoy The Silence
Spandau Ballet— Only When You Leave

Is JV trying to tell us something?

Stonyground said...

I had a look for Top Totty ale in the specialised ale section at Asda but couldn't see any. If some-one is going to be a PC jerk about it I would like the brewer to benefit.

Stonyground said...

A daily take down of Radio Four's regular God Slot can be found here: