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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Today's show 29/02/12

29th February ... perhaps this will be the day that you FINALLY talk about something that interests or affects me. Let's see...

1) ELDERLY CARE - A landmark report on elderly care says that calling older patients "dear" without permission could be as bad as racism : The second paragraph of the BBC news page you link to tells me all I need to know: The recommendation was one of a series made by the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care for Older People to improve standards in hospitals and care homes in England. England, not Wales. Next...

2) MURDER - We speak to someone who tells us what it was like having to bring up two small daughters on his own after his wife was murdered : This must have been extremely difficult but we know, from l
istening to you on Ken's show, that this particular "someone" is/was a BBC employee, and I have found that he has a book describing his experiences published tomorrow. What a shame you could not get "someone" in from The Real World in which the rest of us live. Next...

3) SLEEPOVERS - A listener gets in touch to say her grandchildren have been traumatised by a sleepover where they watched a horror film : Oh bless. Wrap them up in some cotton wool and give them a bucket of chicken nuggets and some sugary drinks, they'll be fine. If I promise to listen to your programme, could I get in touch to tell you how traumatised I have been by your programme? By the way, in case you hadn't noticed, this isn't news. Next...
4) WAITER DISASTER - And have you ever suffered a waiter disaster? Five glasses of beer are accidentally spilt down the back of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel : No, I have not. You said on Ken's show, "You must look at this video, it is so funny". I've seen it and did not find it funny at all. I do find it somewhat pathetic that you consider this to be a suitable topic for your programme though. Want to see some absolutely hilarious videos? Try these: - what were you thinking? - a JV Show classic, what was she on? - proving yet again that you will not tolerate any dissenting point of view
Looks like I will be disappointed again and I will have to satisfy my craving for quality radio programming over at 6 Music - again.
The Jeremy Vine Show - the radio equivalent of watching paint dry


Will said...

JV also said that the murder was 20 years ago and he didnt know the back story to this item.My thought was this has probaly happened to lots of other people,so why not talk to them?? Maybe its because they havent got a book to promote.

Ken mentioned JV around 1010am when he said he did a good deed earlier when he opened the lift shaft door for JV but was unable to get JV to step through it;-)

Stonyground said...

Oh those radio clips were truly cringeworthy. First the mad woman who has swallowed every last bit of Green Chicken Little propaganda so that she really believes that she is creating a Hell on Earth for her children because she can't recycle her toothbrush. Then the guy with a contrary opinion, with the result that JV and Guest won't let him get a word in edgeways. The last one was truly appalling.